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Our aim is to find you, the project manager, easy to use software that does the job, regardless of the size or scope of your project.

Flawless Collaboration

We recommend project management software based on several factors, but certainly one of the most important functions should be collaboration and easy communication between project members.


It’s all about getting the job done, right? And project managers certainly don’t have time to waste, which is why the correct software is essential to guarantee flawless productivity.


Effective communication is key to succesfully completing your projects, and in order to communicate with all stakeholders, you need the tools to convey information immediately and to everyone concerned.

World-Class Productivity

We scoure the globe to find the right fit for your project. Whether you are a bride looking to plan your wedding, or a teacher tasked with organising the school concert, or a professional in the construction industry at the head of a large civil project – we can help you find the best project management software to fit your project – big or small! 

Fast & Easy Work

Why work for hours on end trying to get organised. The smart people automate as much as they can, and that is where project management software comes in.

Create Results

Create lists of short term goals and work through them as you progress. All the small victories help win battles, and the more battles you win, the easier you’ll win the war.


Project Management software needs to tick several different boxes depending on a wide range of variables. We’ve listed the most prominent features below:


Regardless of which digital interface you use (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone), the software needs to be used on all.


No two projects are the same and therefore features need to be customizable in order to fit with your specific project. 

UI Elements

The user-interface needs to be clean and simple to ensure ease of use. An over-complicated interface simply wastes time…

Clean Code

HAnd in hand with responsiveness, the code needs to be written in such a way that it can also shake hands with different operating systems.


We don’t always have time to go through all the instructions, but a FAQ and Troubleshooting guide is a must when getting PM software.

Free Updates

You’d be surprised to hear that some developers ask money for updates. (Ridiculous, right?) The software we recommend, however, will always feature free updates.


Some of our happy customers in three very different industries.

Stone Products is a manufacturer of granite, marble, quartz, onyx and sintered porcelain products. Our projects range in size from residential kitchens in private homes, to providing developers with high end finishes for large scale residential and commercial developments. We won’t be able to keep track of everything if we didn’t get the right software solutions from PMP Essentials. They truly make project management manageable!

Jan de Beer

Owner, Stone Products

We do projects all over the world and specialise in synthetic thatch roofing. Not only does New Thatch manufacture and distribute, but we also install synthetic and traditional thatch. Without PMP’s software, we wouldn’t be able to cope.

David van Staden

Director, New Thatch

Specialising in installing a wide range of premium window blinds might not sound like a huge operation, but Blinds Etc. has over a hundred installations per month of varying size. It used to take a huge amount of time and effort to keep track of which teams are installing what where and at what time, but with the project management programme recommended by PMP Essentials, we’ve not only saved many man-hours, but we’re also much more organised and professional in runninjg our day to day operations.

Leo Deschamps

Director, Blinds Etc.

Latest News

Should we come across noteworthy news in the project management industry, especially if it has to do with tools of the trade, then you’ll find it here.

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