1. Asana

Highest-Rated Features: Task Creation and Assignment: 94%

Asana is the most widely used product in our project management software category with more than 2,500 validated user reviews. Asana is a cloud-based project management tool that helps both team managers and team members map out every single step and detail of tasks and projects within an organization.

Team managers can designate admins to set security controls regarding team member usage to better understand those members’ processes. Additionally, the tool provides granular reporting on your team’s successes and pain points. Asana allows for differing views of team members’ schedules, accommodating whichever workflow the individual member may prefer. The solution integrates with a ton of file sharing, team collaboration, time tracking, and knowledge management tools.

Asana offers three tiers of pricing: Free, Premium and Enterprise. Free is the most basic version of Asana, and with the free plan, teams of fewer than 15 are allowed an unlimited number of tasks, projects and conversations; and have access to basic dashboards and search functionality.

“There’s a lot to like about this app. First off, it’s free, yet so full of features. I’ve used this for tracking business tasks and even personal tasks like everything that was involved with selling my house. It’s nice to assign specific tasks to specific members, and be able to have a conversation on that specific task, along with attachments, follow ups, due dates, sub-tasks, etc. And on top of that, it has a slick mobile app too, so whether you’re on your laptop/desktop or on your smartphone, you’re good to go.”

2. TeamGantt

Highest-Rated Features: Task Ranking: 98%

TeamGantt is an online project scheduling software built to help you manage your business manage projects throughout their entire lifecycle. With TeamGantt, your team can centralize projects information; for example, any documents and conversations that are relevant to a task or milestone are immediately connected to that task or milestone. Additionally, team managers can utilize TeamGantt to better manage resources, track team members’ progress and compare that to their original plan and leverage smart time tracking functionality.

If your team only has one project to plan at a time, TeamGantt’s free version will serve you well, as it includes all the core planning features necessary to see a singular project go through its lifecycle. Some of those core planning features include: forecasting of workloads, team updates, file attachments, and back-and-forth conversations on tasks.

“The free version is great. Customer support is great. They often do free webinars. The tutorials help walk you through the tool step-by-step. I’ve never used a project management tool before and it was easy to pick up.”

3. Paymo

Highest-Rated Features: Time Tracking: 95%

Paymo is an online project management solution that helps small and growing businesses scale effectively. Paymo makes sure to manage projects from inception to planning to final outcome. Within the platform are: a Kanban board and Gantt charts, task management functionality, resource scheduling ability, time tracking and recording, and both high-level and granular insight into project data. Additionally,

Paymo has the ability to turn timesheet data into estimates and invoices. Paymo offers a free version for freelancers to help them manage tasks, clients, and accurately keep track of time spent on projects. Businesses of any sizes, unfortunately, would not be able to utilize Paymo’s free plan. Within the free plan include such features as: to-do lists, an Adobe CCextension, reporting, file sharing, and an API that facilitates integration with third-party applications.

“Paymo makes it super easy to track time for each of my separate clients, separate it into tasks and stick to an hourly budget. I like the custom reports section, which lets me build up invoices easily by dividing hours by date, client and project. It’s free, it’s simple, and it works.”

4. ClickUp

Highest-Rated Features: Task Creation and Assignment: 100%

ClickUp is a project management solution that bills itself as a “productivity platform.” One of the unique things about ClickUp is that all of its features are completely customizable, which helps teams from getting overwhelmed and distracted. ClickUp can even provide differing views dependent on admin and access roles. The platform even helps organizations import their project management workflow from other tools into ClickUp.

ClickUp provides two pricing points: free (forever) and $5/month. The free version includes 100 MB of storage and accommodates an unlimited number of projects and spaces. Some of the features included in the free plan are: integration with Google calendar, task checklists, a powerful search functionality, both simple and custom statuses, an agile board view, and automated templates.

“The overall platform is great and their vision to fix project management is what the industry has needed. It’s perfect for Convetit in that we can customize the tool with everything we need. Our team actually enjoys using ClickUp as well, unlike everything else we have tried previously.”

5. Airtable

Highest-Rated Features: Collaborative Project Planning: 96%

Airtable takes the familiar arena of spreadsheets and turns it into an effective project management tool. (But users can change their filtering, sorting and grouping preferences so that should they not want to stay in a “grid” form, they don’t need to.) Granular, supplemental notes, helpful file attachments, and statuses and priorities can be added to high-level tasks. Teams can leverage Airtable’s myriad templates, which simplify tasks such as creating a content calendar, tracking project progress, launching products and planning for agile sprints.

Airtable offers a free plan, which includes: unlimited bases (essentially, spreadsheets with tables and tabs), unlimited scheduling views, rich field types, real-time collaboration and commenting capability, and 2 GB of attachment space. Additionally, with the free plan, users can keep up to two weeks of historical data.

“I like that it functions a lot like Excel but [Airtable] can be much more organized and easier to view and work in with all the great customizable features. Our use is unique and it’s a great free way to track things. It has a clean, sleek look and is a great connection tool.”

6. Wrike

Highest-Rated Features: Task Management: 92%

Wrike is a work and project management solution that creates “blocks” of work, automates the process of assigning tasks and projects, and provides the capability to edit and manage files in real time. Gantt charts help team managers create visual timelines of how projects are progressing; team managers can also better track time, budget and resources spent. Wrike’s tasks and milestones can be synchronized to Google, iCalendar and Outlook calendars. Additionally, Wrike emphasizes authenticating corporate identities, protecting data and the doling out of admin and access to team members.

Wrike has a plan for teams of any size, from small to enterprise to marketing-specific. Wrike’s free plan accommodates small teams that are made up of five users. Some of the free plan’s functionality set includes: task management, file sharing, activity stream, and 2 GB of storage space.

“If you are struggling to have transparency in your project and your timelines are always getting missed just because you are not able to track the progress, then Wrike is the required tool for project management which you need. It’s simple, robust and IT’S FREE FOR THE FIRST 5 USERS!”

7. Teamwork Projects

Highest-Rated Features: Due Dates: 93%

Teamwork Projects is a project management app that can be accessed via mobile app and desktop browser. However, the solution does tout itself as a flexible tool that increases team members’ productivity because of the tool’s all-the-time accessibility. Teamwork Projects provides granular organization of both projects and tasks, an easy way to keep track of progress and milestones, and internal communication and file share, all of which combine to keep multiple team members accountable. Additionally, Teamwork Projects has a CRM-like functionality where companies can keep track of clients, partner companies and customers, so that teams can be transparent both internally and externally.

New users can try out Teamwork Projects during a free 30-day trial. However, a “free forever” plan also exists. The free plan supports up to five users, two active projects and 100 MB of file space, along with basic project management features. More advanced features and increase in file space quotas come with the paid plans.

“It’s a great online platform that integrates project management with messaging platform to enhance teamwork operation and collaboration. It has many subscriptions option according to functions that you need. You can pay it monthly or annually. If you need to test the platform, you can create a free account that allow you to manage two projects with access to basic features.” 

8. Redbooth

Highest-Rated Features: To-Do Lists: 95%

Redbooth is a simple task and project management tool that helps team managers and team members keep on track. With Redbooth, teams can better prioritize, delegate and collaborate. The web application takes on collaborative functionality that mimics social media channels, with hashtags and @ symbols. Redbooth integrates with team collaboration, file sharing and knowledgment solutions, as well as provides extensions for Gmail, Outlook and Chrome.

Redbooth’s free plan is one of its three pricing offerings; so long as your team doesn’t exceed 10 users, you can utilize Redbooth for however long you’d like. Some of the features included in the free plan are: 2 GB of file storage space, a maximum of two workspaces, Gantt charts and reporting, and project templates. Additionally, Google Drive, Slack and Dropbox are all free integrations even at this basic plan.

“Redbooth is a great project management tool. It was already at its start as Teambox. It serves its job perfectly fine and it’s free for small projects with no need for real-time collaboration. Well done!” 

9. Avaza

Highest-Rated Feature: Digital Receipt Management: 100%

Avaza is an all-in-one project management solution that has some pretty spiffed up task management functionality. With Avaza, team members can create custom task layouts, track project percentage completed, and convert emails into tasks. Team managers can assign appropriate roles to team members, create project templates, and receive an overview summary of projects stats. Avaza can be used by enterprises, small businesses and freelancers, and offers users the freedom to upgrade, at any time, from its free plan.

Avaza offers a free plan for individual users. (Actually, anyone who creates an account with Avaza starts off free; there’s no credit card details requirement until your team wants to upgrade to whichever paid plan works best for you.) However, while the number of users with access to timesheets and admin is limited to one, and the number of active projects limited to five, the number of project collaborators is unlimited. The free plan also includes regular, free updates, as well as secure data protection.

“I do like the simple interface; it’s really easy to learn how to use this platform. They offer VIP-class support via chat window (there’s always someone there), and I think the most important thing is that using free account, you can collaborate with as many partners as you want!”

10. Zenkit

Highest-Rated Feature: Task Creation and Assignment 93%

Zenkit acknowledges that each and every project varies in project management need, so the company has strived to create the opposite of a one-size-fits-all solution. Zenkit providesa calendar, an inbox and Kanban boards, but it also provides customizable relational databases, enterprise search functionality and “formulas” which help team members analyze data across repositories and collections. Additionally, Zenkit integrates with Zapier and simplifies project transfer from both Trello and Wunderlist.

For individual users, Zenkit is free. In addition, Zenkit offers four pricing tiers: “Personal” (free), “Plus” ($9/month/user), “Business” ($29/month/user), and “Enterprise” (pricing TBD). The Personal plan is for small teams that have between 1–5 users. There is no limit on the number of collections, except that within a collection (simply a way to organize projects or tasks), only 2,000 items can be used, and there’s a maximum limit of 1 GB of attachment space.

“The free experience is just amazing, so you don’t even have to pay unless you are a power user. You have literally nothing to lose with just trying it out. I can assure you that once you’ve used it to organize a project, you won’t ever go back to other platforms.”

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