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Software for just about any Project Manager from the DIY home renovator to teachers planning for the year. We’ve got Project Management software for everyone!

Project Managers should not be daunted by the size of the project. No project should be too big or too small to handle.

The success or failure of a project is too often determined by the tools at the disposal of the Project Manager and not necessarily his/her skill or level of experience.

Many Project Managers, especially when they just start out, are easily put off by the size of a project. Too big and they go in panic mode and stress unnecesarily. Too small and they might feel underwhelmed and not see it as a challenge, thereby neglecting the project and often falling into the trap of not taking the project seriosuly. 

Luckily, Project Managers are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to getting the right software for the job. Project Management software has come in leaps and bounds in the last few years and can cover anything from small office projects, to large scale national or international civil projects. 

The key is to finding the right tool for the job! At Project Management Products Essentials, we are dedicated to helping you find that right tool to help you reach your project goals.

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We’ve been helping project managers from across the globe for almost 10 years

Since our inception as a small international company based in India in 2010, we have grown and shrunk with the industry, diversified, rebranded, and was eventually taken over and resettled in South Africa in 2019.  Despite all the changes over the years, we are still as committed to helping Project Managers succeed in their projects as ever. With a global reach, we currently specialize in helping project managers from all over the world!

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Whether a big or small project, we can recommend the right tools to help you build and complete a successful project. No matter the scope or industry!

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