About our Project Management Services Company

Project Management Productivity Essentials is a small company with a big goal – to empower project managers from all industries to manage their projects as effectively and effortlessly as possible using the most advanced project management software products available

What We Do

Building Industry

Helping you manage and complete your projects

Giving you the right tools

Empowering you with the right tools for success in any project, big or small

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About Project Management Productivity Essentials

Project management can be a stressful enterprise. It doesn’t matter whether you are a project manager at a big construction company building skyscrapers or whether you are a stay-at-home mom planning your new baby room. Success or failure doesn’t depend on the scope or size of the project. It depends on the tools and the resources you have at your disposal. 

At PMP Essentials, it is our mission to make your project a success by giving you advice on which software to use. 


We take pride in the advice and software we offer. We can take pride because we have spent countless hours scouring the worldwide web in search of only the best possible project management software solutions.

Just like you wouldn’t trust just anyone with certain key responsibilities during your project, so too do we not just trust any software developer. Our affiliates are handpicked for a reason and we can recommend them to you with a clear conscience.


Only the Best


Project Specific Solutions

We offer hand-picked, tailor-made software solutions that will fit your project. No matter the industry, size, scale or location.


The Newest Technology

Just like projects evolve, so should the software management solutions you use. What worked five years ago, might not be adequate any more. Which is why we take away the guess work and find only the best and most advanced project management software on the planet!


High Quality Solutions

Not just any old software makes the grade. We understand that project managers are constantly under pressure and therefore you don’t need tha added stress of using software that might not do the job. Let us take care of that for you!