Both an official chronicle and the highly personal memoir of the emperor Babur ( –), The Baburnama presents a vivid and. The Babur-nama in English. (Memoirs of Babur). Translated from the original Turki Text. OF. ZahiruM-din Muhammad Babur Padshah Ghazi. BY. ANNETTE. An elegantly produced modern translation is that by Wheeler M. Thackston, The Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor (Washington, D. C., etc.

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The Baburnama

Ab-burdan is the last village of Matcha; just below it a spring sends its water down to the Zarafshan ; the area above the stream is part of Matcha; below it a dependency of Palghar. Babur was suffering from some cough infection on his way to India itself and therefore his death cannot be called a sudden death. In the middle of it he erected a fine building they call Chihil Situn Forty Pillars. It was through his effort and supervision that Master Bih-zad and Shah Muzaffar became so distinguished in painting.

His greatest work is the “Bijak” the “Seedling”an idea of the fundamental oneness of man, and the oneness of man and God.

The Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor | Middle East Policy Council

The tree is elegantly tall, but the trunk of the tree is ugly and ill shaped. There is much on the political and military struggles of his time but also extensive descriptive thzckston on the physical and human geography, the flora and fauna, nomads in their pastures and urban environments enriched by the architecture, music and Persian and Turkic literature patronized by the Timurids.

For as long as verse has been written in the Turki tongue, no one has written so much or so well as he. Bukhara in its turn, has several subdistricts; it is a fine town.


You will live through torture as you watch him feed.

The Baburnama – Babur (Emperor of Hindustan), Wheeler McIntosh Thackston – Google Books

When we were near Nundak, a servant of Khusrau Shah brought me a gift nine horses and nine pieces of cloth. He is frank and well read as when he quotes from Nizami and his own v I remember buying this book in Peshawar. Later, after the technology of matchlock guns came to him from the Ottomans, Babur launched a successful invasion of India, defeating the army of Ibrahim Lodi at Panipat in When the Mirza was returning from the Astarabad campaign, ‘Ali-sher Beg went out to greet him; they saw one another, but before ‘Ali-sher Beg could leave, his condition became such that he could not rise.

Nov 29, Tushar rated it really liked it.

Higher up on the river than Kan-i-gil and to the southeast of it is a meadow some 4 miles east of the town, known as Khan Yurti Khan’s Camping-ground. Though he wrote for the Emperor and the court, Ghalib was never a sychophant, and like Sauda, did not hesitate to express his dislike for the Emperor’s own poetry and the claims of Muslim orthodoxy.

Kesh is called also Shahr-i-sabz Green-town because its barren waste and roofs and walls become beautifully green in spring.

All the gardens and suburbs and some of the subdistricts of Samarkand are irrigated by it. Never in the whole course of them have we baburhama security and plenty so highly. Kesh is another district of Samarkand, 48 miles by road to the south of the town. Interspersed with the business of conquest, however, there are detailed observations on the country-side through which lie and his troops pass, the pe ople, and the fauna and flora.

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He also laid out two gardens, on the east of the town, one, the more distant, the Bagh-i-bulandi, the other and nearer, baburnma Bagh-i-dilkusha.

He never parted with his keen-edged sword; it was either at his waist or in his hand. Andijanis are all Turks; everyone in town or bazar knows Turki.

The Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor

The hunting and fowling of Marghilan are good: An insightful look into a particularly stimulating period bburnama the world’s history, Baburnama will garner accolades from historians, students and scholars of the Islamic world, and anyone who loves a good story.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Not only does Babur highlight the prevalent political conditions of the region, but goes further beyond, describing the lay of the land, the climate and the people thacckston there. Een meer persoonlijke verandering is Babur’s voorliefde voor losbandige partijen en het gebruik van alcohol en de verdovende ma’jun, contrasterend met een geheelonthouder jeugd.

The Aitmak Range lies between Samarkand and Kesh; from these mountains are taken all the stones for building. Kichik Khan went up directly in front of him; as he approached, he rode in a circle, from right to left, round him; then dismounted before him. Most users should sign in with their email address. It had slipped from our hands; but God gave it back! Its people are all Persian-speaking Sarts. We exchanged letters; on the back of mine to him I wrote one of my Turki couplets.