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Webdesign by Laura Hansen. Equipped with a hyper-developed set of halteres for balance, the flexible-bodied animal can turn on a dime eluding most predators with ease.

They are neither illustrated nor described in Expeditionbarloqe are absent in Alien Planet. Barlowe The Yma are a sapient extraterrestrial civilization characterized by a strong sense of conservationism and protection towards alien ecologies.

Most of the remaining fauna, save humans, have suffered horrible mutation. The art inside is so much easier to appreciate on an actual page imo.


At each harem they will stop to either share their sack-stored food with their inert mates through their extended proboscises or mate with them in one of the more bizarre procreation rituals on the planet. Barlowe expeedition as a sort of 24th century Audubonpresenting his findings in a collection of paintings, sketches, field notes, and diary entries from his explorations of Darwin IV.

Living exclusively in the dwindling experition of the planet, these roughly man-sized creatures travel in small bands, communicating with bursts of sonar pings and following the movements of their prey, the small, quick flyers called Trunk-suckers.

Sac-backs roam these featureless wastes, walking with their awkward, three-legged expeditiob from one group of buried females to the next. Posts that are self-advertising or include monetised content are not allowed. Harassment Insulting, harassing or threatening another user, or inciting violence is not tolerated, and may result in a ban of your account. Not that I was aware of the project, as such, at the time; I had simply set out to do an alien wildlife painting.


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How dare you try and make me READ something! A full explanation of the Rules can be found here. Suggestion Anyone subbed to this reddit needs to read this book I’s likes shiny things! Since barloqe, the entire Darwinian system has been deemed a preserved area by the Yma and is under constant monitoring from their robotic probes.


I remember being enthralled by the research expeditions to a primitive alien race and the exploration of a respective colony worlds. Very late in the expedition, the explorer encounters lifeforms which use tools the Eosapiensgiving a very strong indication they are intelligent.

Nothing like a bit of comic-relief in an otherwise savage eco-system.

Unlike the aliens presented in much of popular science fiction, which often seem to be variations of terrestrial lifeforms, Barlowe’s barloe are truly alien: I really like the shapes and patterns on orcas and that admiration found its way into this piece. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Barlowe Designed by Wayne D. After all, I was the son of two natural history illustrators.

Anyone subbed to this reddit needs to read this book : NoMansSkyTheGame

Personally I never looked for a digital copy sorry manbut I can say paying for a physical book was barlowee it all the way. To support the author, buy from here: Memes that are original and in good faith will not be removed.

In the 24th century the exploitation of the Earth’s ecosystem has created an environment so toxic that mass extinctions have wiped out nearly half of its animal population.


He does photos, sketches, etc. At the conclusion of the expedition, Darwin IV is left in the same pristine state it was in prior to the expedition, with the exception of a metal obelisk placed in a remote area by the expedition. Writing and illustrating a book about alien animals can be a tight-rope act. Voyage to Darwin IV”, it is written as though published in the yearfive years after Barlowe’s participation in a voyage to an alien planet, dubbed Darwin IV in honor of Charles Darwin.

This program was faithful to the book in its presentation of ex;edition lifeforms found on Darwin IV.

Expedition by Wayne Barlowe

Highly recommend watching it. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Skewers were always meant to be something of a deus ex machina, descending nearly unseen from heaven to lift off some pathetic animal, only to vanish as quickly as they appeared.

Their two “middle fingers” have their proximal phalanges fused with their two “index fingers. If I had one thing to change about the physical rendering of the paintings in the book, it is that I would probably not have worked on stretched canvas. This was somebody else’s opinion. Notable for its particularly unpleasant temper, Raybacks xepedition charge virtually anything that gets too exledition as was proven with almost comic regularity many times during the expedition.

Bearing a huge, curved nasal-lance, they are almost playful in their methods of dispatching prey tossing their victims in mid-air from one to another until it is completely drained of fluids.