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We have no time to rest, no time to waste one point. In the following, except when stated otherwise, we consider a S2 barometric oscillation with amplitude Pa. Soil-gas entry into houses driven by atmospheric pressure fluctuations—the influence of soil properties.

Datenbestandskatalog – Themabeschreibung

This comparison provides an assessment of the sensitivity of a given site to crustal hydromechanical influences versus meteorological influences. A rnautovic stings Karius’s palms with a swerving right-foot shot from 20 yards that the keeper dives up and to his left to slap over the bar. It comes back to Salah who scoops an attempt at Adrian. In this case, static radon concentration is increased when larger static advective flows are considered Fig.

Table 1, Calibration results of angle velocities of z-axis for three Galaxy Nexus smartphones. In the tests described here, the smartphone is fixed on a modified total station and rotated in fixed angle velocities in order to make fair comparisons. Mo is a boy who is full of greed to score goals. F rom West Ham’s corner Liverpool break at pace and flood forward.


Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. That was painful, on the ankle. In case 1 Fig. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Part 2—general properties and representativity.

Liverpool 4 West Ham 1: Hosts up to second after Mo Salah scores yet again

Thank you for your support. He has been targeting second since Manchester City disappeared over the horizon, but it is not just Champions League qualification at stake.

Differentiation between the effect of temperature and pressure on radon within the subsurface geological media. While the static radon flux at the surface is increasing with increasing advection Fig. Results of monitoring Rn in soil gas of the Gulf of Corinth region, Greece.

Now, the fundamental shows two maxima: Patrice Evra makes his Premier League return. Indeed, the presence of a slight advection tends to stretch the distributions. Thus, the experimental measurement of these quantities could lead to decipherable information on the structure of the deeper subsurface using very shallow measurements.

Zeitreise Oldenburg

The situation considered here of a homogeneous soil layer over homogeneous bedrock, while an oversimplification of the natural context, is probably sufficient at the current stage. Send us your pictures of you wearing them at Anfield!

Baromeetr of S2 advection in a soil indicate sufficiently large soil permeability and the presence of sufficiently thick permeable bedrock. However, the effect of bedrock porosity is only negligible for the radon flux in the absence of advection. The HafenCity University in Hamburg, Germany, started exploring the possibilities of indoor navigation solutions inand especially in conjunction with smartphones since Variations on the concentration of Rn in the subsurface of the volcanic island of Tenerife, Canary Islands.


Enlightening discussions are acknowledged with Robin Crockett on the physics and data analysis of harmonic signals. While the phase shift in the presence of shallow heterogeneity is not tremendous, it might be sufficient to be observable.

Optimal position of the radon sensors appears to be a few centimetres in the bedrock below the soil. Collins ends the attack with a cynical but necessary hack at Oxlade-Chamberlain. Latest total station article.

But flexibility depends on all the players. Static and harmonic amplitudes of surface radon flux a and radon concentration at 45 cm depth b versus soil permeability.

Amplitudes of radon concentration and surface flux are sensitive to underlying bedrock permeability, porosity, water saturation and effective radium concentration, and depend also on the presence of advection. The maximal angle velocity is 0. This calculation, thus, suggests that searching for small S2 response in radon concentration time-series is meaningful, even in the case of large advection.

This illustrates that there is a significant drift in the gyroscope. One of the main results is that the harmonic responses, while not necessarily large in the soil layer, are strongly enhanced in the bedrock, just below the soil interface.