Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment. personality quiz,enneagram,managing personal change,personal development Dr Katherine Benziger takes a completely. Dr Katherine Benziger takes a completely different approach to thinking styles assessment, which in complete contrast to the theoretical and philosophical basis . Benziger’s Thinking Styles Assessment identifies four brain types, each of which comes along with specific strengths and preferences.

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She labels brnziger augmenters because in the majority of situations, they need to increase the level of activity or stimulation in order to achieve sufficient wakefulness. I have a sister-in-law who is an extreme introvert.

Benziger’s Thinking Styles Assessment

This is an employee who likes to work on intuition rather than hard fact — which can be both a good and a bad thing, depending on the situation. Misc Site Map Donate Legal. Today’s Top Picks for Our Readers: Calculates and uses diagnostic thinking.

In this context, these asssessment tools are useful from the perspective of understanding: Bridging, encouraging, harmonizing, nurturing, teaching, bneziger, writing thinkibg notes and letters Typical Phrases: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.


A non-stop talker, a soft-touch, touchy feely. By pairing up people who operate best in a specific mode with a job that asks them to stay in that mode most of the time, performance can be optimized. The enneagram system suggests that we each of us is born with a dominant, and unchangeable, personality type which shapes how we adapt to our early childhood environment.


The Brain Type model also explains very clearly that hardly anyone is good at everything. Each quadrant is a specialized type of thinking.

Nonetheless, even these persons can be seen, by others, as distinctly skewed. The typical office Christmas party The Boston Marathon The front line in a war zone There are many additional work situations, some less obvious, in which extraverts thrive because they involve a higher than normal level of stimulation: I have trouble making thinkjng own!

Analytical, decisive, directing, evaluating, factual, logical, mathematical, quantitative, precise Skills: Creative problem-solving, design, making change, seeing the big picture, seeing the trends and synthesizing ideas and patterns, discovering, inventing, innovating if extraverted Typical Phrases: Allowing people to use their natural talents is a powerful thing. A personality quiz comprises a list of questions designed to reveal something about the participant.

This is not a gimmick and is a serious and very interesting site that powerfully and visually demonstrates the limits of our visual perceptions: Doesn’t like to upset people.

Understanding your own brain type, and therefore your natural strengths and weaknesses, is helpful for: Discover Your Thinking Style Thinking styles are positive habits that contribute to better critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making. The brain has four specialized areas.

Along with those who work well aszessment the Basal Right mode, someone in the Frontal Right mode will appreciate the meaning that can come from working with people, and their intuition may come in handy when trying to foster a strong relationship. By laying out expectations and criteria for this person, management can expect to get excellent results.


The content below is going to take a closer look at each of the four modes.

My Thinking Styles Assessment |

While there are many jobs that can be handled beautifully by this person, there are areas where a Basal Left thinker may be out of his or her element.

Mode 1 located in the basal left Brain functions: Misc Site Map Donate Legal. As long as they are left in an environment which suits their mode of thinking, someone who tends to the Frontal Left mode can be a tremendous asset. Benziger’s work, model and assessment systems are instead based on the measurement of brain function and energy consumption in the brain. Project Unit 1 Unit 1 1. Critical, unemotional and uncaring, power-focused, calculating and manipulative, hard, cool, distant, intelligent if introverted.

Understanding the key factors, doing a critical analysis, knowing the bottom line, breaking it down or taking it apart, using leverage, weighing all the variables, maximizing the Return on Investment ROI Self-Perception: Someone who operates best in the Basal Left mode is an individual who prefers asssessment have clear-cut systems and procedures in place for their work day. If we find a friend with a near-identical brain type they are likely to become a ‘best friend’.

Need to increase the level of activity or stimulation in order to achieve sufficient wakefulness.