Bill Bruford: The Autobiography jazz article by John Kelman, published on March 2, at All About Jazz. Find more Book Reviews articles. [Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Bill Bruford’s The Autobiography, first published in by Jawbone Press, but receiving the. It draws on interviews with nine top drummers and Bruford’s own “Bill Bruford – The Autobiography” continues to go from strength to strength.

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Even as someone who fosters no love, just indifference and lack of exposure, to his pet project, the jazz group Earthworks, which takes a very prominent role in the book towards the end, the book never becomes boring. I found the latter to be the best parts: Bruford has a beautifully dry wit, occasionally a prickly one, and is old and wise enough to be able to reflect with acute perception on his own storied csreer, the music business, the worlds of big time rock and small time jazz and the gulf that separates them, and on his many acquaintances with well-known musicians.

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Review: Bill Bruford: The Autobiography by Bill Bruford | Books | The Guardian

An enjoyable and fascinating book from Bruford which is as much a display of mental gymnastics as an autobiography. Until appropriately named, we only half exist. Does this edition contain any extra material compared to the edition? And the often hilarious things that go wrong with your equipment. There is at times a slight whiff of “you young people today don’t know how lucky you are” at which I suspect the younger Bruford would have taken umbrage – but this is still well worth reading for those interested in Bruford’s musical career or in what it’s like to try to maintain a meaningful career in the creative arts.


He also likens giving up the drums to a boxer hanging up his gloves. The account is loosely organised around a string of questions that Bruford has found himself parrying for most of his life: Film Reviews Green Book: However, being a small part of the business myself, I can very well see where he is coming from in his cynicism.

Bill Bruford: the Autobiography : Yes, “King Crimson”,”Earthworks” and More

My advice to new listeners: Same true to radio and phonograph records. Birthplace of Bop by Richard Carlin Published: Bruford tells his story more or less chronologically, in chapters titled as questions he’s been asked over the years: Search Musicians by name.

If you’re familiar with All About Jazzyou know that we’ve dedicated over two decades to supporting jazz as an art form, and more importantly, the creative musicians who make it. Dexter Gordon and His Search For Autoobiography talk for England.

Let’s hope he doesn’t retire from writing just yet. At progressive rock boards like Progressive Ears it was enough to cause considerable consternation amongst fans who date back to Bruford’s early days with Yes and King Crimson, and who autobiogrqphy stuck with him through many subsequent Crimson incarnations, two versions of his flagship Earthworks group and his all-improv duet with Dutch pianist Michiel Borstlap.

The Autobiography is an outstanding work by the famous autobiofraphy, a legend in the rock and jazz music community, and the “godfather of progressive drumming.


Not yer average autobiography – it’s not chronological for a start. Under the Radar Culture Clubs: Password Reset your password. When correctly named, we begin to acquire personality and a future.

His book also documents the difficulties of balancing his work with family life, and reviews the many psychological hazards of touring. Bruford is very much a thinking drummer, and this is a thoughtful autobiography.

Bill Bruford: The Autobiography

This was going to be more than three chords and a pint of Guinness. The only thing I knew about Bruford was that I liked his drumming. As Bruford himself writes: There is mastery in the pen as much as in the drum stick. Sep 25, Lukasz Pruski rated it really liked it.

Bill Bruford – The Autobiography: Yes, King Crimson, Earthworks and More by Bill Bruford

A hearty “Thank You” to Bill Bruford for all the music, and for this very honest book Bruford does not come across as “acerbic” at all, the word just sounds fitting before “wit” Bill Bruford has written a Fabulously Marvelous Terrific and Thoroughly enjoyable autobiography from his very unique Acerbic wit jumps out from the page at you.

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