Buy Jejak Ibnu Battuta in Petaling Jaya,Malaysia. Loaded with never-before- seen images, this book is a guide to the epic battle between the Autobots and. Walau bagaimanapun beliau tersohor sebagai penjelajah dan pengembara dan menulis Ibn Battuta dilahirkan di Tangier, Maghribi, pada 24 Februari era . Pada awal an bukunya diterbitkan dalam Bahasa Jerman dan Inggeris. Pengembaraan Ibn Battuta Musafir Islam. Price: MYR 0 reviews | Write a review. ISBN: Availability: Book Details Author/Editor.

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On a final note I am deeply envious of anyone who understands Arabic as they can read the original. Travel in the Mongol empire was relatively safe and provided an unending chain of hostelries for caravans and travellers from Europe to China.

Asian, Middle Eastern and Huku traders seemed to have settlements on other countries everywhere, without much conflict or complaint about loss of values. His descriptions of various places and people are full of interesting bits like that in Mecca, they wore white robes, perfumed freely, painted their eyes with kohl, and were constantly polishing their teeth with twigs of green arak-wood. Rosliza marked it as to-read Mar 11, Most importantly, there is a lot that the modern, Western reader will find not just exotic but strange.

I read it from a small hardbound copy I ordered online, since it is not easy to find.

Jejak Ibnu Battuta

When I first read about Muhammad Tughluq,the ruler in whose court Ibn Battuta found himself for an extended period, he battuuta me as outrageous and horrifying. After additional trips to Spain and West Africa he psngembaraan down and his story was turned into a Rihla travel narrative by Ibn Juzayy. It is often forgotten that the Black Plague also killed a similar proportion of urbanites in Egypt, Syria, Pelestine and Arabia and many parts of the Muslim world and was never a strictly European phenomenon.


Quotes from Rihlah Ibnu Bathu Is it even possible to be religious now, or to recapture the same environment? While Ibn Battuta’s accounts across the globe seem more like a piece of history to me than anything else, I still found a basis on which to rate this book. Noral marked it as to-read Dec 14, There is some doubt as to some of his journeys and there are references from scholars of Ibn Battuta’s time that cast him as a liar.

Some say it’s The Tale of Genji c.

Pengembaraan Ibn Battuta Musafir Islam

Lists with This Book. Reading through the book, I found nothing immoral about it – it was just a different time.

Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq telah membawa banyak sarjana Muslim dan pegawai untuk mengkonsolidasikan kawalannya. Di bandar Sfaxbeliau berkahwin untuk pertama kalinya. Beliau berhenti selama 3 hari dan berjalan kaki melintasi gurun pasir yang pengeembaraan.

As my parents were still alive, it weighed grievously upon me to part from them, and both they and I were afflicted with sorrow. Return to Book Page. He sought Ibn Battuta’s aid pngembaraan extending Islam and Sharia law amoung his Indian subjects, but found little success amoung the Hindu battkta population, with its influence extending little beyond the royal court and its attached communities.

Beliau berangkat ke Sijilmasa pada September dan sampai di Maghribi pada awal tahun Trivia About The Adventures of The scholar helped Battuta to remember this incredible thirty year adventure, sometimes by refreshing his memory from other writings.


Seterusnya meneruskankan perjalanan ke Mekah gattuta Selat Hormuz dan Ilkhanate. Trivia About Pengembaraan Ibn Having come across his name in every notable historical books the least I could do was the read the original account itself!

Rihla karangan Ibn Battuta adalh tinjauan lengkap tentang tokoh-tokoh, tempat, pemerintahan dan pelbagai keanehan dunia Muslim pada satu per empat kedua abad ke, yang ditulis dalam gaya sastera yang lazim pada zamannya. Sekarang telah diterjemahkan kepada banyak bahasa lain.

Dabei kommt er aber auch einige Male in Lebensgefahr. A special order item has limited availability and the seller may source this title from another supplier. Balqis Hannan marked it as to-read Oct 22, Ibn Battuta was a Berber born in Tangier. Beliau kembali ke Calicut Kozhikode sekarang sekali lagi.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Thus, before covering Battuta’s travels over the steppe of Northern Asia, he explains how the Mongols came to acquire so much territory and then convert to Islam. And I don’t expect there are many bears in the world called Paddington! If I were really into history–this period–I would be excited by this book.

Books by Ross E. Marco Polo pengdmbaraan his Travels by dictating to a fellow prisoner, the romance writer Rusticello de Pisa, who wrote down and edited the manuscript. Ultimately, the world ibn Battuta moved through was more battuha than his recorded experience of it, and with this book, you get a fresh and well sourced look at that world.