Get this from a library! Constructions hyperstatiques, continuité: méthode pratique de calcul des poutres, portiques, cadres, arcs et assemblages de ces. Constructions hyperstatiques continuité; méthode pratique de calcul des poutres, portiques, cadres, arcs et assemblages de ces éléments. Avec figures et l. Le calcul des grillages de poutres et dalles orthotropes selon la méthode Guyon- Massonnet-Bareš, par Richard Bareš et Charles Massonnet. [Traduit par].

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Easy Beam Analysis wildebeastmedia Outils. It seems many beam calculator apps only give you what you can find in the appendix of most engineering textbooks.

TP Poutre Hyperstatique by Jérémy Diatta on Prezi

Why get a beam calculator app that only does the bare minimum and provides standard template for beam analysis. Easy beam can handle any beam, simple or very complex. Easy Beam allows you to easily and swiftly calculate reaction forces, shear force and bending moment, slope, deflection and stress diagrams for beam analysis. What sets Easy Beam apart from other hypsrstatiques is its ability to customize a beam however you need it to be to suit your beam analysis and the sleekness of the app – drawing everything to your screen how you want it.

Easy Beam follows along the principles of statics and dynamics, mechanics of materials, and solid mechanics and is thus very applicable to structure engineering and mechanical engineering. Easy Beam makes is a perfect tool for engineering students to accompany homework problems and check for poutfes to their statics, mechanics of materials, or solid mechanics problems.


It is also very usable for professionals in structural and mechanical engineering to make quick calculations regarding beam calculations.

Easy Beam supports two modes: Statically Determinate Beam, and Continuous Beam. In the Statically Determinate section you are able to put point loads, distributed loads, triangle distributed loads, and moments anywhere on the beam. Essentially you can customize it however you like provided it is statically determinate.

Logiciel pyBar

You can now draw out shear forces and dea moment diagrams. Create a cross section and you can do a bending stress analysis on the beam.

Test your beam design by entering a material or a custom elastic modulus and you can see the deflection graph for the beam. At any time you can see your current loads on the main menu. In the Continuous Beam section you can have multiple spans. This section supports span distributed loads as well as point loads anywhere on the beam.

The idea is the same but the setup includes defining the lengths of each span, and moments of inertias of each span etc. The Continuous Beam section is perfect for structure engineers who need a more advanced beam design that requires multiple spans. The Continuous Beam utilizes the Three Moment Equation which is a robust technique for solving reaction forces, shear force and bending moment, and slope and deflection of continuous beams.

Easy Beam also takes care of the units for you and does conversions on the spot. It also has the elastic modulus of many common materials stored for convenience. Easy beam also calculates area moment of inertia for you whether you have a rectangular, circular, hollow, or I-Beam cross section.


Or just input your custom area moment of inertia. Easy Beam was created by an Engineer for other Engineers, student or professional. Easy Beam allows you to make back of the envelope Beam Calculations in seconds or reduce Statics, Mechanics of Materials, and Solid Mechanics homework from hours to minutes. Interactive graphs allow the user to pinpoint shear force and bending moment anywhere on the beam or determine where the max deflection will occur in their beam design.

That’s because Easy Beam’s graph allow the user to use a seek bar to move a cursor along the graphs.

By default, the graphs also display local min and max values on the screen for your convenience. Solving shear force and bending moment problems takes no time and continuous beams are very easy to check and solve. I hope you enjoy Easy Beam. Facile faisceau prend loutres charge deux modes: Vous pouvez maintenant tirer des forces de cisaillement et de flexion diagrammes des moments.

A tout moment vous pouvez voir vos charges actuelles sur le menu principal. Une calculatrice rapide avec plus de 50 outils pour les calculs structurels.

An extensive yet lightweight math graphing calculator. Easy Beam Analysis Pro.

Richard Buttana aka Dickbutt. It’s not easy being a bird. How long can you survive?