Camera User Manual PowerShot A-Series. Product Manual. PowerShot A10 · PowerShot A · PowerShot A IS · PowerShot A IS · PowerShot. This rugged Canon PowerShot D10 is waterproof down to 33ft (10m), shockproof up to 4ft (m), freezeproof as low as 14°F (°C) and. Canon PowerShot D10 User Manual Guide – Here is Canon PowerShot D10 owner manual or user guide for you. This manual is out there on-line and you can .

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L Shooting Stitch Assist Images Large subjects can be split into several shots that can later be merged together using the included software on a computer to create a panoramic image. Separately Sold Accessories First Menu Screen To Open Turning the Flash Off You can shoot with the flash turned off.

Canon PowerShot D10 – Digital Camera | eBay

This function is not available when a TV is used as the monitor p. Configuring Image Information Settings Removal tab Do not remove other screws besides the two on the front cover. Select by Category What if you cannot select [Select by Category]?


List Of Available Functions AE stands for Auto Exposure.

Turning off Auto Rotate When you play back images on the camera, images shot in vertical orientation automatically rotate and display vertically. Shooting Far Away Subjects infinity This poweeshot assumes that the shooting mode is set to E. Page 17 This is a normal characteristic of the battery and does not indicate a problem.

If there are no images that have been sorted into categories p.

Changing The Metering Mode Changing the Metering Mode You can change the metering mode brightness measuring function to match the shooting conditions. Selectable Options Menu Items Select a shooting mode. Shooting In Manual Focus Mode f Shooting in Manual Focus Mode When focusing cannot be achieved with autofocus, you can manually set an approximate focus and then press the shutter button canin to fine-tune the focus range.

Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If you think there is a problem with the camera, first check the following. Browser Area Tasks Formatting Memory Cards Setting Star Ratings Creating Computer Wallpaper Images Hear more about the latest career opportunities.

Changing Shooting Functions If you set the shooting mode to G p. Many people prefer to read powershott documents not on the screen, but in the printed version.


Canon PowerShot D10 Manuals

Shooting Close-ups macro e Shooting Close-ups Macro You can shoot an object at a close distance or even shoot extreme close- manuap of it. Shooting time can be checked on the screen in Step 1. Charging The Battery About This Manual Adjusting The Brightness exposure Compensation Conditions and Commonly This chapter explains how to shoot in different conditions, as well as how to use other common functions, such as the flash and self-timer.

Under some conditions, the image may appear coarse or the exposure setting may not be suitable.

Canon PowerShot D10 Manuals

Supported Image Types This powershog a normal characteristic of the battery and does not indicate a problem. Table of Contents Chapters 1 — 3 explain the basic operations and frequently used functions of this camera. First Window To Open Select the starting image. Press the l button, and switch to the focus check display p.