The VPN policy configuration creates a Tunnel Interface between two end points. Static or Dynamic routes can then be added to the Tunnel Interface. The Route. Configuring Tunnel Interface (static route-based) VPN using Enterprise Command Line. Last Updated: 12/6/ Views 9 Users found this article helpful. How to Configure a Tunnel Interface VPN (Route-Based VPN) between two SonicWall UTM appliances ยท Configuring a Tunnel Interface VPN with DHCP Relay.

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I’ve tried a range of I searched all over but didn’t find the ‘bind tunnel to local interface’ tickbox so I’m going to assume that’s disabled if it’s the default setting.

Let me know if I can provide more information. Group 2 Text file value: Virtual Private Gateway Shared Secret: Diffie-Hellman Group 2 Encryption: When I thought it was just one VPN tunnel spec I got them mixed up when flipping back and forth between the file and my config web page.

I will keep messing about with the NAT and routing configurations, but does it appear I’ve at least set up the LAN networks correctly for an individual host?

In either case, if you are using the GUI, follow mvisible’s directions above Re: I had been having constant sporadic drops during the day, but at least it would reconnect.

AWS Developer Forums: Help with SonicWall and IPSec VPN

I have to have, because it wouldn’t connect otherwise, right? My developers are constantly getting kicked out with a “broken pipe” and they are frustrated. The rest of the problems I have, sonicwal as failing to ping DCs let alone use them for credential authentication no logon servers available are likely due to another misconfiguration I should be able to sort out. It’s a good starting point, but I got stuck on a few things.


soniwcall I followed the instructions on http: Yes, sorry for the confusion. Now make sure you have a route added for src: I now see in your own picture above that this option is unchecked which is good.

Your post saved me and wanted to Thank You for submitting this in the forum. Otherwise, I suspect it might not persist after a reboot of the Sonicwall. The trick is to set the VPN policy type to “Tunnel Interface” and create static routes for each tunnel.

This question is answered. Apr 19, 9: Welcome, Guest Login Forums Help. Dell Sonicwall slnicwall to remove that shameful PDF or update it so it’s accurate. The tunnel interface is configured with the internal IP address.

I don’t know Sonicwall, but if possible can you also list a route table from that? Apr 30, You can hide details not related to the sonicwalll subnet, but check whether there are multiple entries using the same subnet s. TI5 or whatever your new tunnel if id is metric 1, disable when disconnect, auto add access rules.

Site-to-Site VPN, UTM to SonicWall, Connection made but no traffic

Fantastic well documented article! Jun 2, But I don’t really know. UTM local host is SW always adds the rule automatically as will the UTM if auto firewall rule is selected. Used this blog as a guide: Jan 2, 9: Disabled I guess Auto-add Access Rules: I’m sorry, interfade I get a bit lost in all the different subnets and start loosing the overview of what is located where. This falls within the default L2TP subnet It caused the BGP routes to show up again, as interfacd are auto-added with metric If it helps I could create a full walkthrough for how to do this on a clean AWS region and a clean sonicwall, but it’d take a lot of time and Dell really should just do it right.


Apr 3, 3: Jun 14, 7: Thanks for clearing up RE: It does not seem to have the OK, here is my UTM route table. Also, after you add the association you’ll need to choose “route propogation” to make it live.

I have attached 2 images of these 2 points.

I attempted to set this up with our on-premises SonicWall NSA but failed miserably, probably due to my lack of firewall experience. AES Text file value: I always had issues if strict routing isn’t enabled. I tried a few, starting with a DC:. To establish connectivity between your internal network and the VPC, you! In reply to Robert Yount:. Now, it seems to be more stable while it is up – no sporadic dropping and reconnecting since a recent vpn maintenance period at Amazon, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with itbut it drops after about a day and stays off.