drives MV drives cover the medium and high power range up to 33MW with motor voltages from 3. Using proven technology from Converteam’s extensive. MV MEDIUM VOLTAGE DRIVE RANGEUSER MANUAL SECTION 5: This document is the exclusive property of CONVERTEAM and cannot be. Converteam – an engineering company with more than. years CONVERTEAM AT A GLANCE Converteam MV Systems.

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Gas station solutions CONVERTEAM World Leader in Power Conversion

There are several systems available including super-capacitors, advanced batteries, flywheels and flow cells. Low voltage AC drives. Mobile Number Please enter Mobile Number.

Power management and stabilization of the grid are of growing importance, in particular with the increase of wind or solar farms. Air-to-air or air-to-water Bearings: Please contact GE sales for constant torque applications. A B B Mittelspannungsantriebe s i nd die perfekte [ Ormen Lange is a gas field located km off the northwest coast of Norway in water depths between and 1, meters.

Baruah Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar. Static Var Compensation systems SVC provide the most effective solution both in terms of cost and timely installation. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Temperature control and cooling systems The innovative and reliable solution With our PulseTemp equipment you have the option of up to 72 cooling circuits in the impulse cooling, temperature control, temperature.


International Journal of Engineering Inventions e-issn: All motors can operate across the line, or one can remain connected to the VSD for variable speed operation if required. The benefit of the variable speed drive is smooth motor starting.

GE Products Used:

Easy to configure – The. However, Converteam repair workshops may be able to assist with repairs and sourcing spare parts. The subsea compression in Ormen Lange station will include four parallel compression trains, identical to the current pilot. Sourcing of electronic and mechanical components worldwide Close relationships with component manufacturers and distributors Ship-to-stock in place with most suppliers Evaluation of suppliers’ performance on a quarterly basis Consolidated purchasing capability.

M ed ium v olt age drives for sp eed a nd torque [ The cycloconverter with a synchronous machine can handle perfectly very high overloads and field-weakening ratings. Using the More information.

Extra narrow design with widths of This leading position results mainly. Typical applications in the cement, mining and minerals industries.


– Converteam motors to drive compressors – Europétrole

To help the desalination process, ABB. Hybrid Permanent Magnet Generators. Today, stationary excitation systems with thyristor power converters are preferrably used for the voltage stabilization of slip-ring synchronous machines. Please enter your Email ID. Water-cooled medium-high voltage converter with max.

Testing A comprehensive factory testing schedule is carried out on all MVs to give further enhanced drive reliability. The energy management concept in Metals mills is an example of energy saving, where the energy of a decelerating motor is used to accelerate another motor. The capacitor banks are tuned with shunt reactor for mitigation of harmonics. For the higher power range these devices give considerably increased power, less losses and improved reliability due to lower component count and rugged design.

The PPS integrated technology allows fuseless and snubberless design. The BL-converters comprise a control-regulation-excitation cabinet and one or more thyristor cabinets.

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