Cordia dichotoma is small to medium-size deciduous tree with a short crooked trunk, short bole and spreading crown (Figure 1). Leaves are. Cordia dichotoma. Family. Boraginaceae. Botanical Name. Cordia dichotoma G. Forst. Forster, J.G. () Florulae Insularum Australium Prodromus: Plant Morphology: Growth Form: It is a tree or shrub up to 27 m tall, with a conical crown that becomes rounded later. Foliage: Its spirally arranged, long-stalked.

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Moreover, the plant species has been reported for various pharmacological activities and are listed in Table 3 [18] — [22]. DPPH and hydrogen peroxide model. Wood Leishmanicidal Cordia francisci Ten. More than half of the world’s population relies on the traditional medicine and major role of the traditional medicine including ccordia use of plant extract and their active constituents.

Cordia dichotoma Images

There was no change in ovulation; hence the antiimplantation activity observed which can be attributed largely to its inhibition of number of implants. Lasura, Bhokar, Borla Order: The study suggests that C.

The Long-term cerebral hypoperfusion in rats caused a propensity towards anxiety and listlessness open field paradigm and elevated plus maze test accompanied by deficits in learning and memory Morris’ water maze testing and tendency towards depression Porsolts swim test.

Research frontiers The present review of C. Study concluded that apigenin from C.


Unani system cordja drug medicine uses plant as antibacterial, antiviral and antitussive. Calyx tube hairy on the outer surface. The article is well documented with traditional medicinal system and folklore medicinal properties which is beneficial to screen their biological efficacy and isolation of biologically active phytochemicals.

It is found in a variety of forests ranging from the dry deciduous forests of Rajasthan to the moist deciduous forests of Western Ghats and tidal forests in Myanmar.

The present review of C. The films were screened for the anti-inflammatory activity using carrageenan-induced rat paw edema model. Borhidi Gerascanthus griffithii C. The aqueous and ethanolic extracts of fruit of C. Kalvirusu, Vidi, Naruli Spesies: It is found in divers of forests ranging from the dry deciduous forests of Rajasthan to the moist deciduous forests of Western Ghats in India and tidal forests in Myanmar.

Plant parts such as leaves, fruit, bark and seed have been reported for possessing antidiabetic, antiulcer, dichotomz, immune-modulator and analgesic activity. Analgesic, antibacterial and cytotoxic activity of Cordia dichotoma. dichootma

It turns black on ripening and the pulp gets viscid [11]. The earlier epithelization of wound and significant increase in tensile strength as compared to control was found in rats treated with fractions of ethanol extract. Degenerative disorder Free radical induced stress is common line etiology of various degenerative disorders. Root bark Antifungal, Larvicidal Cordia richotoma Willd. A few short hairs on the upper surface near the base and on the petiole.


Cordia dichotoma – Indian Cherry

Shahapurkar AA, Jayanthi Drug neomycin release from Cordia dichotoma transdermal film and anti-inflammatory activity. Peer review Authors did detailed collection regarding the topic including graphics, pharmacological uses of several parts of the plant and phytochemicals potentially evaluated for the management of range of disease.

Certain plant species traditionally used by the tribals of R. It does not grow gregariously, but is found growing cprdia in moist shady ravines and valleys [11]. Use dichofoma apigenin from Cordia dichotoma in the treatment of colitis.

Leaves are simple, entire and slightly dentate, elliptical-lanceolate to broad ovate with a round and cordate base. Structure and properties of new natural cellulose fabrics from Cordia dichotoma.

Apigenin is isolated by column chromatography from methanol fraction of crude methanol extract of C. Int J Curr Pharm Res. Don Gerascanthus duchotoma G. Received Aug 30; Accepted Oct Phytochemicals Several chemicals have been identified from seeds of C.

Usually grows in drier rain forest or rain forest subject to substantial dry season water stress. Twig bark strong and fibrous when stripped.