INFORMATION SECURITY (CS) TWO MARK QUESTIONS AND .. But note : Even if the possibilities are reduced to one of two messages of equal .. SECURITY TME: am – am SUB CODE: CS CLASS / SEM: ME / I . NE Networking And Information Security Notes. Click Below Links to CP Advanced Operating System Notes. CLICK BELOW LINK. SE Object Oriented Software Engineering NOTES CLICK BELOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD CS NETWORK SECURITY NOTES.

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It is the process of using social skills to convince people to reveal access credentials to the attackers.

List out the suggests a layering model for a penetration study. Availability is an important aspect of reliability as well as of system design because an unavailable system is at least as bad as no system at all. A hash value computed on a canonical representation of the CA’s Distinguished Name. In other cases, the notifier may take some action to respond to the attack. When does an incident become a disaster?

Drawing on the knowledge gained in the notee step, and on knowledge of vulnerabilities in other systems, the testers hypothesize flaws of the system under study.

It is an identified weakness of a controlled system with controls that are not present or no longer effective. Lossless compression reduces bits by identifying and eliminating statistical redundancy.

Distinguish between the authentication policy and issuance policy. Methodology is a formal approach to solve a problem based on a structured ds9224 of procedures. These are hackers of limited skills who expertly written software to exploit a system but not fully understand or appreciate the systems they hack. The goals of a framework dictate the note structure. Mention the benefits of risk management.


What are the types of virus? Computer security rests on confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Differentiate Preventive and Detective controls. Assignment Statements An assignment statement has the form y: What is E-mail Spoofing?

To prevent processes from indiscriminately giving away rights, a copy flag is associated with capabilities. They examine the system’s design, its implementation, its operating procedures, and its use. Brief the Compiler-Based Mechanisms. Explain securiry RSA algorithm.

The browser stores the message in a text file. What is proactive password checker? Explain General Computer Crime Laws. What are caching network appliances? The mechanisms determine if the information flows in a program could violate a given information unformation policy.


Differentiate between authentication policy and issuance policy. What are the types of access controls? What are the protocols used in Secure Internet Communication? Risk Identification is conducted within the larger process of identifying and justifying risk control known as risk management.

Define interchange key and session key. List out the Types of Access Control. It is the process of moving the organization towards its vision by accomplishing its mission. What are the three general categories of unethical and illegal behaviour?

A virtual machine is a program that simulates the hardware of a possibly abstract computer system. Lipner provides two security levels, in the following order higher to lower: Although access controls can constrain the rights of a user, they cannot constrain the lectre of information about a system. Alice and Bob may decide to trust a third party called “Cathy” here.


Which law amended the computer Fraud and Abuse Act ofand what infomration it change?

Explain about the vulnerability frameworks with neat examples. It is the value that the organization recognizes by using controls to prevent loses associated with a specific vulnerability.

They feed their new understanding or new hypothesis back into step 2 and iterate until the test is concluded. It is the process of assigning financial value or worth to each information asset. Explain the components of asset valuation? What is Signature based IDSs? The director itself reduces the incoming log entries to eliminate unnecessary and redundant records.

CP – High Performance Computer Networks – JUNE question paper (Type version)

The initial phase of session setup uses a public key cryptosystem to exchange keys. The set A of authentication information is the set of specific information with which entities prove their identities. What are the common methods for Risk Avoidance? The attacker prevents a server from providing a service. The members of the set must be distinguishable, but the set may have an identity separate from any of its elements.

Describe in detail the process of risk identification. What is social engineering? It is a document containing contact information for individuals to be notified in the event of an incident.