collection which Darnton has so successfully mined over the years. Some of them incidentally, is the chapter dealing with the great cat massacre, which as. The Great Cat Massacre. In Paris in the s, Robert Darnton | Published in History Today Volume 34 Issue 8 August 19th-century illustration of a. The Great Cat Massacre has ratings and reviews. Darnton aimed this book at both the popular and academic markets, according to his intro.

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The essay on these reports gives a brilliant picture of the republic of letters at the very height of the Enlightenment, giving insight into how these men managed to survive. But he did not possess a qualite or condition that set him part from nonwriters. The second half is focussed on even more ambiguous groupings. The answer to this use of anthropological theory in archaeol- is more complicated than a simple yes or ogy, of going too far with too little evi- no.

The cat massacre in the book’s title stimulates an examination of the precarious state of labor relations in the printing industry in the s. Bibliography La Capra, D.

Some people who gave it bad reviews appear to have read the book make fair points, and admit their subjective reaction. I think I loved the first chapter the most – looking at peasants through the lens of folklore. I learned massarce things: It’s a pretty easy, quick read if you’re familiar with general European history.

But it is wonderfully written, sets the context for peasant life beautifully acknowledging the problematic nature of ‘generic peasant’and does some really intriguing stuff in looking at variations in folkloric traditions within France and then between France and England, Italy, and Germany.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History by Robert Darnton

The eponymous cat massacre is a kind of violent charivari that tells of the living conditions of urban artisans in the print trade and surely provided a basis for Parrot in the Peter Carey novel. Overall, the flaws are still pretty minor. Which is, I believe, the thesis of the book.


It is a rather exotic journey. She told him, and the wolf took darntno down a second path. For the full text of the story see to be borne in mind when thinking on Darnton,pp. This is one of the first history books I read for pleasure. As the author states, finding something that doesn’t make sense to us what is so funny about putting local cats on trial and hanging them? While the unforgiving folktales of early modern French peasants stemmed from the harsh conditions of peasant life, the refined tastes of the elites prevented them from appreciating or understanding such tales.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History

Is text, or even a group of texts and then anthropology even suitable to use in order using them to describe a wider society in to understand the popular culture of, say, this manner can lead to a distorted picture. Although they organized in chapels, staged strikes and sometimes forced up wages, they remained subordinate to the bourgeois. While walking down a path through the woods, a wolf stopped her and asked her where she was going.

Jul 05, David rated it really liked it. Master printmakers would hire journeymen to come into their shop and learn their craft. And overall, it was very good. No trivia or quizzes yet. It is the one that he describes as most ‘impressionistic’ and I get the feeling he feels almost guilty over it, and certainly worries that it appears least to rely on evidence.

The Great Cat Massacre – Wikipedia

New Literary History, Vol. How far LaCapra all agree. I really have to wonder if you really read them or just flipped through them and pretended to everyone as if you knew something thw the book you were reviewing.

Only the character Munhausen was telling stories, and the individual Darnton does not seem to be aware of the ridicule. This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat These were times in which children this is before the birth of childhood as we know it were subjected to backbreaking dawn-to-dusk labor reminiscent of Rumpelstiltskin ; in which peasants, unable to feed another child, were forced to abandon newborns Hansel and Gretel ; and, in a peculiar demography in which one of every five Norman men re-wed after the death of his first wife, stories of stepmothers abounded Cinderella.


All are based on written texts and most are private, handwritten items. The title essay was good as well. This is a lot better than the UK passive princess is the reward the king, her father, gives to some handsome guy who can complete a load of stupid tasks.

Aug 25, Michael Kleen rated it it was amazing.

They will employ local people do to the mucking out etc and never let them sit on the committees or invite them to the fund-raising social events. The literature itself, Darnton asserts that when analysing popu- like all literature, was aimed a speciic lar cultural history, the historian needs to audience who thought in a particular way. First, it’s the peasants and their fairy tales. Todos os livros do R. Other books in the series. The other three essays were for me more problematic – there’s an awful lot of listing going on, with Darnton’s commentary being either perfunctory or unpersuasive, or both.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. It seems silly now, but when I first read it in ? I had two issues with reading the book. After 25 years, would it be as good as I remembered, or would it crumble to little more than that inspired title which is pure genius, by any standards? Proceeds through six chapters, each an essay on a different aspect of Old Regime France: Would it have been too much to include a map of cities featured in the book?

It gives an insight ceived source of their dificulty, i.

If you love cats, don’t read book’s eponymous chapter, just skip right over it and read the rest. Introducing Semiot- and advice.