today announced it has been rated as “Excellent” in the DCIG Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide. Eversync was ranked #4. Since the release of the DCIG Virtual Server Backup Software . DCIG encourages any organization that is considering the purchase of. Last week DCIG published their annual Virtual Server Backup Software Having said that, I am excited that Symantec Backup Solutions, both.

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Servdr a customer, we see these companies like DCIG perform these comparison tests to determine which product is the best, but most companies make it perfectly clear if their tests and company are paid or sponsored by a vendor or not. Frankly, we at Commvault are flattered and more than a little bit excited that the technology world continues to validate our strategy of innovation in data management.

Having said that, I am excited that Symantec Backup Solutions, both NetBackup and Backup Exec received excellent ratings based servet the features and functionality of the respective product sets. Learn more here – http: Careers Why Join Us? Commvault GO is Coming Soon! Here are some reports I recommend: I have raised my concerns with DCIG before but they obviously have failed to do anything about it.

The virtul link he sent through to me was: Wednesday, March 13, Veritas Technologies empowers businesses of all sizes to discover the truth in information—their most important digital asset.

Hello, Dfig share your Hello, I share your frustrations that you are experiencing. I do get a couple of failures everynow and again, but I can live with that. We view our entire business through the lens of our customers.


One week they are telling people how great Symantec is and then the next week they are telling people how bad Symantec is and that CommVault is so much better. Why are Companies Interested in Backup Appliances? Hello, I share your. All of our decisions are made with you in mind.

Virtual Backup Software http: He was able to direct me to the relevent documentation and helped me to use technical support to achieve a desired outcome.

So, we promise to continue refining our capabilities backjp keep working to expand them to solve the data management pains of your organization…and that’s innovation that gives your organization value that you can literally take to the bank! Whose Data is it Anyway? We think our products are leaps and bounds ahead of CommVault, so here are a few reasons why you should choose NetBackup or Backup Exec over CommVault each and every time:.

Symantec’s response to the “DCIG Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide”

Thanks for the feedback Thanks for the feedback everyone! Your successes become our successes. Explore Data Management. Veritas services help you take charge of IT and business complexity.

Rocky Romance or Wedded Bliss? Thanks for the feedback. Backup Guy Not applicable. You are being directed to the VOX Community.

At the end of the day no matter what backup product Softare use I have tried them all there will always be a few issues and quirks. It had all the best practices. If they leave all their data fragments defaulted to k, then they have shown poor deduplication results. Symantec doesn’t reply on proxy servers like CommVault. Symantec has true efficient global dedupe by default, where we can have k block size for all data segments, and not lose deduplication efficiency in the process.


Vjrtual your top 3 tips only tip 2 is of value: Women in Technology, Make Some Noise: Please complete the form below. Tolly is one of those companies that make it perfectly softare if they have been engaged by a vendor to perform any tests.

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This is another example of hidden costs in a CVLT environment. Does DCIG hide it to make themselves sound more credible? Speak to your peers that you know and trust.

Multi-cloud data management can help you get to the cloud, from the cloud or between clouds, with ease. This is not the first time they have produced this type of report and failed to disclose that their company is paid by CommVault. Spiceworks at Backup Exec Matt.

DCIG Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide – Veeam Community Forums

Matt Stephenson Level 4. All fields are required. Eighty-six percent of Fortune companies rely on Veritas today. Get in contact with your local Symantec rep and have a chat with the softwre engineer to get some advice, in my expeience they have always been willing and happy to help.