The Overview page is the front page of this API document and provides a list of all packages with a summary for each. This page can also contain an overall. Switches all registered mock objects (more exactly: the controls of the mock objects) to replay mode. For details, see the EasyMock documentation. Why. Great testing includes isolation. Most parts of a software system do not work in isolation, but collaborate with other parts to get their job done. In a lot of.

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For details and a list of available properties see the EasyMock documentation.

A failure in a test involving a mock object is a lot more likely to be a failure in the method under test than in one of its dependencies. Creates a mock object, easymockk the requested type, that implements the given interface or extends the given class. It can also be painful if the interface has many methods. Expects a double array that is equal to the given array, i. In a lot of cases, we do not eaasymock about using real collaborators implementation in unit testing, as we trust these collaborators.

If for some reason, the concrete class isn’t implementing the method that is delegated, you will get an exception during the replay only. After execution of the test you can call the verify method to check if the mock object was called as defined.


As an example, the following code will not compile, as the type of the provided return value does not match the method’s return value: Make sure you reset documenyation if needed. As an example, the following code will not compile, as the type of the provided return value does not match the method’s return value:.

Exactly how much such checking EasyMock. Expects a short argument greater than or equal to the given value.

EasyMock Tutorial

This matcher and anyObject Class can be used in these three ways: As an example, we set up two mock objects for the interface IMyInterfaceand we expect the calls mock1. Moreover, it encourages us to make more frequent use of MockObjects leading to compositional and interface oriented designs.

The next step is just as surprising. But many of these static methods just identify the hidden control of the Mock Object and delegate to it. Expects a double argument greater than the given value.

TestSubject ; import org. The ExchangeRate interface was small and simple enough that I could have easily written the mock class manually.

In the latter case, our code sample would not compile:.

EasyMockSupport (EasyMock API)

EasyMock doesn’t just provide canned answers in response to canned input. You can do and someMatcher If the method is called too often, we get an exception that tells us that the method has been called too many times. Expects a double argument less than or equal to the given value. The setUp method can be removed since all the initialization was done by the documentatikn.


Easier testing with EasyMock

Available docmuentation String s. We were about to implement our own Mocking based on reflect. Setting a property will change the entire EasyMock behavior.

If you were testing an XML parser, you’d want to feed in documents and verify that the parser called the right methods in ContentHandler in easy,ock right order. Setting properties in the code obviously override any property set in easymock. If documnetation isn’t tested, it’s broken. And that’s all there is to it. Rule ; import org. Two reasons are known for someone to do that: All missed expectations are shown, as well as all fulfilled expectations for the unexpected call none in this case.

Dierk Koenig, Doxumentation AG. It is also possible to specify a changing behavior for a method. Private methods cannot be mocked. For many tests using EasyMock, we only need a static import of methods of org. Throwables to be thrown, the object returned by expectLastCall and expect T value provides the method andThrow Throwable throwable.