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Artist Els Papalagi 0, css: While citing the opposi- tion to French, British, and U. We just stopped the music because you haven’t touched the player in a while. As Patrick Kirch points out: The development of region or area studies is con- ceptually and historically tied to Commonwealth, postcolonial and dias- pora studies.

Whoa, are you in two places at once? Like maritime novels in general, the homosocial decks of the voyaging canoe maintain a precarious hold on their heterosexuality by gendering the ship as an accessible female body. Thus it is not only the ocean that is placed under erasure by the logic of capital but also its metonymic vessels of sovereignty. How can we make your Slacker Radio experience better?

As explained in the introduction, etak represents a complex methodology of navigating space and time, rendering land and sea in dynamic and shifting interrelation. The model of kinship networks suggests the reality of MIRAB migration and remittance soci- eties and helps to naturalize a process that in its contemporary context is about the scattering of families as they seek a Hawaiki of economic oppor- tunity.

As a demonstration of the power of their maritime vessels, the forty-six atmo- spheric explosions conducted from to were primarily orches- trated and launched from French naval ships and barges. Papalagj bombing practice site since World War II Or get the Slacker Eels App to play this station — and hundreds more! Navy to describe the establishment of a system of communications, supplies, intelligence, and transport that involved nearly every archipelago across the 7,mile-wide region.

Hawaiki represents an unstable place of origin that changes depending on the population and context in which it is used, as well as the destination place for the transmigration of the human spirit.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Log In Sign Up. This circular pattern of departure and return is invoked through originary narratives, freed from their material and literal interpretations.

Although salt water is one of the densest liquids on earth, its narrative history makes it heavier. Click here to sign up. As Ele Sharrad has shown: This inquiry helps us to understand a vital component of imagining Oceania: Need to sign up?

Els papalagi (n.E.) :

As Mary Douglas argues: Written by the former prime minister of the Cook Islands, Vaka rep- resents the only historical novel that attempts to chart Polynesian settle- ment of Oceania. Read tidalectically, terrestrial U. In the same edition, columnist Sammy Amalu posed an alternative vision of regionalism: The tui of Bau claims Tongan blood, thereby establishing kinship to Rangi through Polyne- sia and sidestepping the thorny question of racial admixture.

As I explained in the introduction, Froude renders white diaspora as history through the metaphor of the body as vessel.

Precisely where anthropologists mapped isolation, the United States detonated sixty-six atomic and hydrogen bombs on Enewe- tak and Bikini Atolls between and Robie Looks like your account was just accessed from another location but it only oapalagi in one place at a time! Sorry to interrupt — we wanted to confirm you’re still listening. Skip to main content. Listen to now in your mobile browser.

This island isolation theory could be sustained only by denying the agency of indigenous maritime technology that connected the islands for millen- nia before the arrival of Europeans. To other parts of the Moana. As icons of native movement, of rooted routes, the voyaging canoe naturalizes migration and avoids the patholo- gizing language reserved for refugees that Liisa Malkki has documented in the grammar of diaspora. As a meticulously researched and documented account of precolonial Polynesian cultures, Vaka is at once an ethnographic and historical ren- dering of ocean origins.

Native activists were resisting the heightened militarization of their islands by U. Artists Related to Els Papalagi. Importantly, he mapped out temporal continuity for indigenous regionalism. Select to cast music to your TV or stereo.


That ubiquitous trope of the colonial archive, male cannibalism, has always functioned as a counter-trope to the sexu- ally receptive native woman.

Els Papalagi (Els homes blancs) / Erich Scheurmann

When they arrive the next day to tens of thousands of anticipant Tahitians including Bengt Danielsson of the Kon- TikiFinney is sporting a black eye and their local sponsors become con- cerned about the fractious behavior of the crew.

In the narratives of white and Polynesian diaspora discussed here, these regional connections have generally papalayi articulated in terms of mascu- line ethnic kinship, blood vessels, and political alliance. Moreover, papalati etak concept of moving islands desta- bilizes elw myth of isolation and renders the indigenous peoples of Ocea- nia as active participants in the world historical process.

Macmillan Brown and S. Although the country was experiencing an economic boom, the nation and broader region were undergoing rapid change as Samoans, Cook Islanders, and Maori negotiated with the New Zealand state for decolonization. Some User Sample Msg. Positioned this way, Vaka is less of a story of masculine prowess on the waves than the ways in which this masculinity is a byproduct of a regionalism founded on women, their sexual and reproductive bodies, and the products of their labor.

It was precisely the return of these alienated lands and the opposition to the continuing process of land eviction that was at the center of sovereignty mobilization.

Here I explore two fur- ther connections that elucidate this complex entanglement between blood, sperm, and transoceanic diaspora.

He demon- strates that women represent tradition and purity through their presumed isolation from the corrupting yet dynamic public realm of transnational trade, colonization, and exchange. At the start of The Crocodile, the protagonist Hoiri resides in a rural village where the laka- toi double-hulled outrigger is presented as a unifying material object.

In this case, deliberate ocean-voyaging Polynesians are preempted by the idea of Incans on a balsa raft, drifting aimlessly on the prevailing currents across 4, miles of open sea.