Find great deals for Da Floppy Disk Controller/formatter FDC Intel pin CERDIP (p) – 1pcs. Shop with confidence on eBay!. INTEL Single/Double Density Floppy Disk Controller + IBM Compatible in Both Single and + Data Transfers in DMA or Non-DMA Double Density. A floppy disk controller (FDC) is an electronic chip controller used as an interface between a computer and a floppy disk drive. Modern computers have this chip.

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To adjust the precompensation delay, we can set these bits to one of the following: So now we can just call this function to convert any linear sector number into a CHS location! Rememeber that all of this code is also in the demo at the end of this tutorial. Planning a Complete Security Strategy: To start it, just set the bit that corrosponds to the drive you want to start or stop the motor.

If we dont fine it after 10 tries we bail. Used by Amiga computers. Drive 3 Only a hardware reset will reset this register. A Cylinder is a group of tracks with the same radius The Red tracks in the picture above are one cylinder Floppy Disks have two heads Displayed in the picture There is Sectors total.

Give the motor some time to start up! We then test if the current cylinder is the cylinder we are looking for. It is here only for completeness. You will see examples of this in the command section below, so dont worry to much about it yet. Many mutually incompatible floppy disk formats are possible; aside from the physical format on the disk, incompatible file systems are also possible.


The DOR is a write only register. It connects indirectly to the systems primary Data Bus. This is a read only register in all operation modes of the controller.

Because of this, it is not in the bit list shown below. If the disk has more then 80 tracks, you may need to issue this command several times.

When the FDD is in the not-ready state and a read or write command is issued, this flag is set. Our list has the most common: Status Register 0 ST0 Byte 1: Here, we are looking at Head 1 The front sideand the Sector represents bytes. That is, the first byte is the actual command that tells the FDC what we want it to do. This register does not follow a specific bit format and is used for generic data. For example, the Write Controllwr command has the format M F 0 0 0 1 1 0, where the first four bits 0 1 1 0 are the 82272 byte and the top four bits, M F 0 0 represent different settings.

Dont worry – After that it is Multitasking! Its finally time to work with the floppy drive! Notice how they all only use the first 4 bits of the command byte. The Cylinder number represents a track number on a single disk.


Da Floppy Disk Controller/formatter FDC Intel pin CERDIP (p) – 1pcs | eBay

This is how you will know when the command is done and that it is safe to read the return values from the FIFO. WE Pin – Write enable pin. Most drives may not support it, however. It first sets up the DMA cobtroller prepare for a read operation.


Looking at the above picture, remember: I might be making some changes to help improve it and make it better and more complete. Hardware Peripheral Devices Electronics. It should stay at a 64k boundery for best performance The area of memory it writes to must be idenitity mapped or its controlldr address mapped to a page.

It containes the current status information for the FDC and disk drives.

To make things easier to read, I have listed all of the commands, formats, and paramater bytes in tables. This will be the sector that we tell the FDC to read or write. Okay, there was a digital output register DOR so I am sure you seen this one coming: Determines early, late and normal times.

Next paramater is the sectors per track To set them, just bitwise OR these settings with the command that you would like to use.