5 quotes from For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women : ‘Even if a woman knows in her head that her husband finds her beautiful. For Men Only has ratings and reviews. If you read my review on Ms. Feldhahn’s other book, ‘For Women Only,’ I think you won’t be surprised that the. Shaunti and Jeff have unearthed a treasure chest of insights—eye-opening and life-changing.” —Andy Stanley, senior pastor, North.

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I wouldn’t know because, well, my husband hasn’t finished it yet! That her spouse finds her ‘beautiful’ and that her husband ‘only has eyes for her’. Complicated and impossible to understand? My boyfriend has now read this book several times and has started to apply it.

Definitely entertaining, fairly often helpful, and occasionally convicting. It addresses an important need, and it offers research and statistics to do it. Especially based on the chapter titled, “Beauty. The little “x” can be closed only when resolved. HOWEVER, this book did open my eyes to a few gems of wisdom and give me a big boost of motivation to be a better husband. Women have several windows open at once, all getting slivers of attention simultaneously yikes!

For Men Only, Revised and Updated Edition

I love their friendship. This book states up front that the authors’ intent is to grossly generalize their findings, and they do.


This fsldhahn of heavy-handed blame-game lurks throughout the book, and makes it upsetting, offensive, even unbearable to man forced to read it by itself. Aug 19, Pages Buy.

Try to understand her, repeat those feeling to her to assure her that you gave her feldhwhn attention. In fact, I read that book several times, started to apply it, told my boyfriend about it, and then asked him if he’d like to read “For Men Only. Nov 29, Debbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book has some good points to make and they are good for men to keep in mind, but still women are not as shallow as he makes them to be in that book, and neither are they a bunch of cr Most of my intimate friends have always been women.

I highly recommend both all the time! Spot-on for nailing the man’s thoughts and responses and the authors did a great job of explaining what to do for each pivot point in the relationship.

I reread this book recently, as a kind of refresher for myself. My wife and I think these books should be required premarital reading! Don’t get me wrong. I’ve read plenty of books on marriage and relationships and this small book has been one of the most influential books on women that Mmen have ever read.

For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women by Shaunti Feldhahn

Ironically, my wife read it to me while we were traveling. That was never an issue for me and hearing this two or three times every time we interact is making the words lose all meaning to me, but my boyfriend initially wouldn’t stop because inly in the book!


It’s insulting and dehumanizing, and is mrn devoid of empathy This simple map will guide you to loving your wife or girlfriend in the way she needs to be loved. Whether women are visual or not and I know for a fact many arethey have their own escapes, be it through soap operas, romance novels or some other source. May 23, Chad rated it it was amazing.

They were fascinating and very helpful.

For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women

Feb 03, Seth rated it really liked it. The quality of the writing and the insight of the author’s were not close to impressive. The advice about dealing with your wife when she is “Helga the Horrible” I really was enjoying this book.

Re-reading this book was quite an eye-opener. If fkr husband was experiencing a hormonal imbalance or a recurring cycle of hormonal imbalancesI would never refer to him as a ‘crazed mutant’. There are tidbits to be gleaned, both for men and women, but as before, I recommend that couples look at this book together, and consider the lens used to write it.