If I call REPORT FORM from a form, foxpro prints what appears to be debug the bug returns even with the fixes to the report listener class. Visual FoxPro General. Visual FoxPro Dear friends, I have used Report listener with its quietmode.t. to send output of the report to html file. vfp 9 introduces a new reporting system based on listeners additive * create a report listener object local loreportlistener loreportlistener.

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The width of the object in ths of an inch, from 0 to When listenerType is 0 or 2, the report engine sends the current page number after it has rendered a page.

You can override this method to perform various types of output. PRG that uses this class as the preview form for a report: Listener handles user feedback during report run. The new reporting engine splits responsibility for reporting between the report engine, which now deals only with data handling and object positioning, and a new object known as a report listener, which handles rendering and output. A special comment about data session handling is in order. Any valid listener type.

The first is the datasession in which the ReportListener is instantiated. However, this doesn’t give you any control over the name of the file to create or other settings.


There are a lot of things “modified” after SP Report listeners produce output in two ways. Table 9 shows the different values for ListenerType and the effect each has on output. To change the formatting of text, it must first be selected.

These events are shown in Table 4. These are useful for advanced techniques such as described in my article, Techniques for an alternative Report Preview UI. FRX that displays a report object in bold under some conditions and normal under others: The rest of this chapter explores some of the possibilities with report listeners. Reference to VFP control to output to. UpdateListener is deprecated, because the progress bar and user feedback is implemented differently, and is now common to all FFC listener classes derived from a common ancestor class, FxListener.

The basic points to take away from this are:. Generates a report processing log feportlistener debugging. Proin vel risus eget lorem feugiatfermentum nec a turpis. The type of output specified in the TO clause: Different directives handle different objects.

Report Listener prints something on form

Custom Rendering You aren’t limited to changing the appearance of a field? So definately a SP2 ‘feature’ or bug I don’t know yet.

Good thing I’ve learned to save form content to disk before submitting as this site was down for a few hours a couple of days ago. For example, a common request is to output charts on a report without relying on Reportlistrner fields and ActiveX fxopro. A number of utility methods exist that make it easier to work with listeners. The actual value of the field to output.

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I’ve discussed this in more detail in another article. The EvaluateContents method checks to see if the element for the current FRX record in aRecords contains a collection of directives for this report object since there may be more than one directive for a given object.

Working with reports,olecontrols and listener class – Visual Foxpro codes

The current page number being rendered. Sunday, October 21, 2: This would have been shortsighted because there are many more output types that are reoortlistener Word or Excel, anyone? We’re making a little fun of you. Output is sent to printerlistener also handles user feedback during report run progress bar, cancelling reports, etc.

Extending the Visual FoxPro 9 Reporting System

DynamicStyleEffect uses a similar directive to change the font style. Clmcgrath, What exactly are the messages you are seeing?

Of course, that’s not the end of the story.