The legendary coastal city of Carsall existed two centuries ago – before it vanished beneath the waves, reputedly at the hands of an angry sea god. Stories of the. Title, Review: GA1: The Murky Deep. Related To, GA1: The Murky Deep. Book Type, Review: RPG. Genre, Fantasy. Setting, Generic. System, AD&D 2. GA1 The Murky Deep – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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I’d surmise that the “GC” stands for Greyhawk Castle. My brother was a veteran of gaming, but my wife and daughter were newbies.

You and your fellow adventurers have been recruited to root out and destroy the source of these raids. Now, however, things are going badly, and a restless dwep longs for the days of the ancient kingship.

Daring adventurers strike into the heartland of the foe to harry the villains and bring retribution and justice to the land. From the decaying lands of the Pomarj, slavers have struck again! The time of the prophecy is now. Are there heroes who can face the horrors of the swamp and reclaim the precious statue? The High Council is floundering – and the political situation is fhe ugly.

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Now, the clerics of a seaside town have proven that some unusual items are indeed from the legendary city – and two priests involved in the process, as well as a mysterious stranger, are missing.

Also included are large scale referee’s maps, note, and background mjrky. It has an “EX” designation to indicate that it is an extension of a regular dungeon level. Only the most fearless of adventurers could challenge slavers on their own ground, and live to tell of it! Does the city truly exist, or is the story simply a hoax put forth by crooked fishermen? A activation email has been sent to you. It includes a tournament scoring system and a team of 10 characters of levels Players must risk life and limb, breathing beneath the water, to find the lost cities of Carsail and Mylduscor, and unlock the mysteries of the murky deep!


Here the delightful and the light-hearted often hide great challenges dfep dangers; here you will journey through a landscape unique among fantasy role-playing scenarios. Once there, the PCs are given the opportunity to remove Lolth permanently from their campaign, for demons or devils killed on their home plane are permantly destroyed.

Also included are large- scale referee’s maps, playing aids, notes, and background information.

The Murky Deep (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module GA1)

Also included herein are background information, a large-scale referee’s map, referee’s notes, and new monsters and descriptions for an added taste of excitement. Your stomach has just begun to complain about the lack of dinner, when one of your companions calls, and you rush to his side, hoping he’s found a way to turn grass into a sandwich. All the clues suggest that the sacred mmurky was carried into the heart of nearby Blackweed Swamp. This module is meant to stand on its own, and includes areas on the eeep where Dungeon Masters may add their own levels.

This book also contains, not one, but two complete two-part adventures for your entertainment and for use as models ddeep creating other adventures. This module contains a challenging scenario, the tournament scoring system plus nine pre-rolled, playtested tournament characters.

Request to change “setting” by Nor’Namlin. Her strands reach across Oerth, through the Crystalmist mountains, across the embattled human kingdoms, and even reaching the councils of Pomarj and beyond. In fact, though, their only death happened at the very end, in recovering the Soul Gem. Recently, however, Whispering Widow Woods has grown much more sinister. Request to change “pregeneratedCharacters” by Nor’Namlin.


It now comes to a climax as the dark forces begin to move against all mankind. You can use this adventure alone, or as the conclusion of the series. A touch of whimsy makes this latter adventure unique, A special collection of RPGA adventures for character levels But can they do it before everything is destroyed by the dreaded Earth Dragon?

You must move quickly before the slavers recover from your previous forays and attack! Stories of the city and tales of fabulous artifacts originating from Carsall still abound.

Quag Keep: GA1 The Murky Deep

Everyone agrees that a drastic change is needed for the kingdom to survive. Dragon Magazineissue 71, page 19, March -Wayne “Your adventures have taken you to strange places before, but in the eyes of your experienced party, few of these places are as unusual as the bizzare Land Beyond the Magic Mirror.

Whoever is responsible, the statue must be recovered, at any cost.

Transient cookies are kept in RAM and are deleted either when you close all your browser windows, or when you reboot your computer. Request to change “tacticalMaps” by Nor’Namlin.