Already have a Goalrilla goal but can’t seem to locate your owner’s manual? Not to worry! Here at you’ll find manuals for all current. 2. Vertical main post assembly is a two part process. ANCHOR SYSTEM INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (Day 1). Before digging the hole for this pole, check. Looking to install your Goalrilla basketball system or hoop? Check out our easy to follow installation guides & installation videos to suit your portable basketball.

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Plays like an arena system uncompromised strength and consistent rebound Withstands the elements resistant to rust and corrosion System can be relocated to a new home What sets Goalrilla apart from other goal systems?

We will only help move the hoop where it will be easy for you to move it. Please ensure that the diameter corresponds to the specification of the manufacturer.

It is important you consult with our technician before selecting the spot where the hoop will be installed. All things being equal, scheduling is done based on the date of your purchase. Should any electrical or plumbing obstruction be found in the first spot, we will have no other choice but to install in-ground basketball system in the second spot.

As part of our service agreement, we shall not be responsible for the disposal of dirt created after a hole is dug. What is I have goslrilla old anchor kit, will there be need to dig it out? We ask that you wait for 24 hours before making use of your system.


If weather condition is favorable, it takes 3 to 4 days to process your request for utility marking. For this reason, we offer free maintenance service on your installed basketball hoop. The second spot will serve as an alternative should the first have underground obstruction. This will have to be done before a new unit can be installed.

We will then mount a backboard system and a pole. My Basketball hoop appears to be shaking —it is not instqllation sturdy as I expected.

Basketball System & Hoops Easy Installation Guide | Goalrilla Australia

We partner with the following manufacturers: However, requirements for marking varies state to state. This distance is about one and a half foot. Just like every other pole, basketball pole tends to wobble after installation. We want you to be present to witness your basketball goal installation because it is a semi-permanent structure. Before installing an in-ground basketball goal, it is important you first survey the area before then proceeding to state authorities to obtain utility marking.

Water coming from rainfall gathers at the lower portion of the hole, thus causing the concrete to take more time to heal. What does your warranty cover? Once confirmed, a hole will be dug, anchor kits installed and concrete poured. Good enough, we will be glad to help disassemble your basketball hoop and reinstall it in your new location provided you are relocation within Maryland area, Washington DC, Southern Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia.

Make your request at www. Our services comprise of hole digging, concrete work and installation yoalrilla pole and backboard as specified by the manufacturer. The waiver covers only underground objects located within your property such as security fences.


Sign up iinstallation the Steepleton Newsletter Special deals, industry news, new product announcements and more! It is important you avoid dunking and then hanging on the rim of an installed basketball hoop. What are the commonest causes of damage? Next, we will get the delivered equipment assembled after you must have shown us its installation point. Rock-solid, anchor bolt mounting system Allows for easy leveling If you move to a new home, your system can move with you Includes rebar steel rods to strengthen concrete.


Please consult with your local contractor before doing this. We will only do this if it is of similar model.

After finding the goalrila basketball hoop you would like to install, simply ring us up and we will deliver it to your home after picking it up from the store using our own truck. We are schedule-friendly and no-pressure.

Sporting Goods, Basketball Natick Outdoor Store

We will only help haul excavated dirt to a particular spot, and will only dispose of for a fee. We sometimes dispose dirt, but a fee will be charged for doing so.

It takes about ibstallation days for the second phase to commence after the first phase which can be done anytime. What will happen to the dirt? Business Hours Monday 7: