Horngate Witches series by Diana Pharaoh Francis. Urban Fantasy. Archive for ‘Horngate Witches’. Wednesday, February 14th, Writer Insanity. I is helping, Momma. Will you pet me now? Why is it I keep coming up with new. I’m super pleased and over the moon to be able to tell you that Samhain Publishing has contracted to publish two more books in the Horngate.

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Why is it I keep coming up with new novel ideas—especially first in a series books, or stand alones?

I have other things I need to be focusing on and yet. My mind just keeps producing more and more new things and all I can do is take notes and get everything I can down on paper and try to make time witdhes to write. I need to write faster, obviously. Even after the nightmare of the Witchwar, even though nobody trusted a witch, people still swarmed into the Night Market looking to buy spells.

Some witches had gone so far as to open up shops in the city, despite the continuing hatred for their kind. His aversion rooted deeper than that, though. It was like relying on God. Only magic came around a lot more often than any god or devil, and witcbes fucked witcges up. It fucked people up. You are the giveaway winner. I need you to tell me your email address. Post it here or send it to me through the contacts tab. And thanks everybody for the good wishes and for playing!


And a small snippet from horngatte very very very drafty draft of my Horngate book. The accusation and condemnation in her voice put his hackles up. Or are they just disposable? It was a cold, hard truth.

After the Magicfall, humans hated witchkin. For turning their lives upside down. For deforming the landscape and killing so many people all over the world. The resentment, suspicion, and hate ran deep.

She leveled her gaze at him. How can you stomach that crap?

His voice turned sharp as an arctic wind. A couple of years ago, I contracted with Samhain to publish two more Horngate Witches books.

Then my son got sick and I had to put many things aside in order to take care of him. Those books were two of the things I had to set aside. Just recently, as I was figuring out my schedule for this next year, I learned that Samhain is closing its doors. They have reverted the rights on those unwritten books, so I am free to do what I want with them. What that means is that I may do some shorter novels or novellas in order to get them out to you in between my contracts book.


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Kim – Erik – Mike – Jason Knepper – will robinson. The Diana Pharaoh Francis newsletter keeps you informed whenever there is a new book out or if there’s news to be announced. Diana’s newsletter is spam-free and private. Archive for ‘Horngate Witches’ Wednesday, February 14th, I is helping, Momma. Will you pet me now? The Winner of the Giveaway.

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Then we step in. Kayla shook her head and muttered something. About future Horngate books. What would you like me to explore in future Horngate witcges Once Upon a Duke Um, what?

Horngate Witches Series

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