Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Calibration Manual. Agilent technologies HP B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Agilent technologies HP B Operating Manual. Refurbished Agilent / Hewlett Packard B Synthesizer/Function Generator with Frequency Accuracy – at Test Equipment Depot – PreOwned Refurbished.

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This is not an exhaustive list, it is only a guide that may assist you in isolating the problem to either a Service Group or an assembly.

DC and phase offset can be added to these waveshapes.

If not, check A21U To check for a A3CR failure, turn the instrument off and measure the resistance from TP6 to ground. Pn 1 should appear when pin 1 is connected to pin Because the -I- nanual and V regulators are referenced to the V supply, they are also disabled. Amplifier Bias The processor then sets the signal amplitude to 8 Vpp with full attenuation and proceeds to determine both the positive and negative peak voltages in a similar manner. Before starting a Signature Analysis test, use the following steps to help you isolate the problem.

Pressing any manuual turns off one LED while the key is pressed. Writes data through the serial isolation path, then reads it back.

If the voltage at the load is too low, for ex- ample, this sense voltage feedback causes the regulator to adjust its output to the correct voltage. Monitor pin 9 of U36 with the oscilloscope. Increasing the value in- creases the output amplitude at higher frequencies, and vise versa.

During continuous sweep, the ramp is reset at the start of sweep down. For example, program the HP B for a 15 MHz fundamental signal the other harmonics majual still meet manuall. Power Line Voltage Selection.


Also make sure the wire fingers in the foam connector are facing the maanual on both assemblies. The emitter of Q should carry a signal with valid TTL levels. Change the trigger on the oscilloscope to positive and note the negative ramp jitter in microseconds. The counters for the two most significant digits of the 3-digit N number are decade counters. Measure the frequency at each of the following points in order, and determine the relationship to the VCO frequency at W3 step d.

The counters are connected in two pairs, as illustrated by the least significant pair in Figure The total quantity of a part is given the first time the part manuall appears.

Primitive Power On Tests After calibration, additional dc offset correction is added by 335b control circuits. The Start Address Latch value determines the length of the waveform. Mixer Spurious Signal VI. View Cart My Account. The value of the current to the integrator depends upon the X Drive analog voltage and the resistance in the integrator input circuit.

332b Flatness Press Shift, Deg, Self Test, 2, 1 to start the test.

Our service centers may be able to perform calibration if no repair parts are needed, but no other support jp Agilent is available. The revision code is 4 digits, two for the year since and two for the week. On the A26 Assembly, connect R to R at the ends nearest connector J before running this test.

Every volt from the power supply will inject 1mA into the integrator. Synthesizer Precision The HPB frequency accuracy is determined by a precision frequency-reference and can be set with a resolution of 1 uHz.


Use the Test Signal Flow Diagram Figure 8-C-3 to help you determine the order to check the signatures and facilitate troubleshooting. Amplitude Flatness Adjustment 3Vp-p Pad. If the frequency synthesis circuits are operating correctly, both pins will be negative. Also for best results, allow the thermal converter time to settle and adjust to surrounding tem- peratures. Also check for the correct enable signals from U The power stage should 33325b operate if they are removed.

3325B Synthesizer/Function Generator

If still bad, refer to Service Group N. Attach an oscilloscope probe to the unsoldered lead of the resistor and monitor the DAC pulse train. The resistance should range from to Since the orientation of CRIOI often affects harmonics and spurs, rotating it 90,or degrees can often improve these specifications.

Output Amplifier Service Group K In each of the last five positions of the bit shift register, the high bit that is being shifted through enables one of five sets of annunciators.

Pulling cable W23 at either end should cause TP4 to reach approximately V.

HP B Function Generator | Chris Meyer – Mentions

To check for a loading problem, unsolder the lead nearest the DAC test point on the resistor R55 between A14U16 pin 6 and the ho point. It includes a number of current sources, and the circuits which develop the square wave, triangle, and ramp functions from the sine wave. Ramp Reset Waveform