Download Citation on ResearchGate | DIALEKTIKA PENDIDIKAN ETIKA DALAM ISLAM (Analisis Pemikiran Ibnu Maskawaih) | p> Bahasa. View the profiles of people named Ibnu Maskawaih. Join Facebook to connect with Ibnu Maskawaih and others you may know. Facebook gives people the. Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ya`qub, surnamed Miskawaih, is also called Abu ‘Ali al-Khazin. It is yet undecided whether he was himself Miskawaih or the son of.

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This step was also quite strategic in solving the nation’s degradation. He had the greatest admiration for, and confidence in, the famous Greek philosophers, those who still hold their place in human thought.

Al-Razi was bold, rationalistic, and abstruse, whereas al-Kindi was moderate, pious, and more accessible.

Ibn Miskawaih – Brill Reference

The two forms cannot remain together because they are contrary. They will also be favoured in this world, with a pleasant life, and a fine reputation. He indulged in alchemy not for the sake of science, but in search of gold and wealth, and was most servile to his masters. Its prescriptions, with regard to the worship of God in common and the pilgrimage to Mecca for instance, have plainly in view the cultivation of the love of one’s neighbour in the widest acceptation.

Others, however, who at first are neither good nor bad, are definitely turned either in the ,askawaih direction or the other, through upbringing and social intercourse. Focusing on practical ethics, conduct, and refinement of character, it contains an original theory on the education of young boys.

The book Tahdhib al-akhlaq is considered the most famous book of Miskawayh; so this is the work of which we shall examine the contents quite carefully, so as to base on it our presentation maskasaih Miskawayh’s remarks on the education of young boys, maskawwaih.


Miskawayh then presents a group of the various manners with which the boy must be provided. By the first kind of motion, the soul inbu near to intelligence which is the first creation of God; by the second it descends and comes out of itself. It is a record of maskawih rise and fall of civilizations, nations, and States. Beginning masakwaih these views, Miskawayh presents the methods that are followed in training and refining the boy’s soul.

This counsel extends to not taking pride in his father’s possessions, whether food or clothing or anything else. For him the psychological aspect is the most important, so he began with mentioning a number of abstract methods; to start with, Miskawayh gives a number of positive aspects, i.

It is established now that his name is actually Miskawayh, yet we find a number of his works, especially those not edited, but in fact attributed to him, where the name on the cover is Ibn Miskawayh. The second maqala section of the seven in the book discusses character, humanity, and the method of training young men and boys.

He later worked as a secretary and librarian for a sequence maskkawaih viziers, including ‘Adud al-Dawla. Laila and Majnun at School: He states the opinion of the early Greeks who say that nature can never be changed, but rejects it. He even felt it necessary to reform himself morally before writing his Tahdhib al-Akhlaq. In this connection Miskawaih recommends the study of another of Galen’s treatise: He should not only be factual but also critical in collecting his data.

The following text was originally published as: It not only binds together the facts of maskawajh past into an organic whole, but also determines the shape of things to come. The next stage of development was mineral life.

Hence, although Miskawayh lived in an Islamic cultural environment, he directed his intellect to Greek thought, and his aims for upbringing and training and refinement, or education in today’s language, were an maskawaihh of the culture which he had borrowed from, not the culture in which he lived.


The Ethical Theory of Education of Ahmad Miskawayh

When the human being really acts in accordance with his knowledge, this demonstrates that he has reached the rank of the wise, or what can be expressed as the highest point of perfection in humanity [34]. The Greek temperament being ibn and speculative, 21 Plato could go no farther than this. Miskawayh was born in Rey, then under Ziyarid control.

Maybe this simply indicates how much he was influenced by the maxkawaih coming to the Islamic nation, and well known at his time. He treats the subject in al-Fauz al-Asghar and Tahdhib al-Akhlaq. Nadawi, Hukama’-i IslamAzamgarh,Vol. Iqbal, on the other hand, regarded him as one of the most eminent theistic thinkers, moralists, and historians of Persia. Miskawayh considers that if these manners are commendable for the poor, it is even better to have the rich seek them.

No happiness is possible except by searching for the good in this world and the world to come. He himself speaks of his moral transformation in his Tahdhib al-Akhlaq9 which shows that he practised a good deal of maskawain he wrote on ethics. The social environment in which the boy grows up plays an evident role in the formation of the boy’s soul, or what can be called the business of bringing him up. In supporting some ideas which he expounds, he very often quotes the Qur’an, traditions ahadith of the Prophet, sayings of Mqskawaih Abi Talib and al-Hasan al-Basri, besides Arabic poetry.