Pre-printed or digital payslips. Sage payslips and infoslips has the ultimate solution for your business. With your InfoSlips app you can: Open your InfoSlips. Combine all your InfoSlips in one place. Manage all your InfoSlips PUKs and passwords. Print your. Infoslips. Super User Quick Guide. Phase 1- Export Data: Sage Payroll. Phase 2- Transfer and Process Data. Phase 3-Requesting Trials and Release/Schedule.

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The goal of an InfoSlip is not to just replace a paper payslip with the equivalent electronic version but to provide a total view to the employee on a regular basis. This site uses cookies. InfoSlips can become a tool in the organisation’s arsenal to aid in employee well-being and staff retention. Check your email An email with a temporary password has been send to you Ok.

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InfoSlips are quick and cost-effective in relation to the return gained by employers! Simply put, this is an Infoslip. These verticals include mining and manufacturing, retail, infosliips services, benefits administration, human resources, stock-broking, telecoms, insurance and the investment industry, to name a few.

Use the experience to construct the mock-ups and prototypes. Paste in your PUK. Find us on youtube. VIP Infoslips – The electronic payslip.

Payslips Sage has a range of official pre-printed payslips, including laser and continuous payslips. Sage Business Cloud is all you’ll ever need to help your small or medium-sized business grow faster. To do so is tantamount to losing the opportunity inroslips the organisation to communicate each employee’s worth in a personal and highly effective manner.

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For more information view sample InfoSlips and read case studies on what infosslips have already done for our customers, or contact us to set up a demonstration.

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We need to offer solutions to our customers where their clients and staff interactions are delivered in a visually rich infosljps engaging format,” says Scott Gibson, Group CEO of Britehouse. Delivering all the information to an employee is contained in what is sometimes known as a ‘Compensation Statement’ or ‘Total Benefit Statement’.

Customer Zone and Partner Zone Login. These services can be delivered through a variety of mechanisms, including: Britehouse partners with InfoSlips to provide enhanced customer engagement, communication solutions.

Any document will benefit from being refined and adapted on an ongoing basis. Securely and conveniently login to InfoSlips ihfoslips the free Zapper smartphone app.

Industry Experience As you build different types of documents for different industries the organisation will gain experience of what works and what does not. Tracking mechanisms can be covert such as logging of click and navigation patterns or more overt by including feedback forms or surveys. Read time 1min 40sec. Britehouse is a portfolio of leading business process automation companies offering application and data solutions through a range of business models and technologies to large and mid-sized African businesses.

Using its methodology, InfoSlips takes full control for every aspect of the electronic side of the partnership, managing creative, design, compositing, selection and execution. Many employers have already implemented InfoSlips with great effect. These ready-to-use, confidential payslips will provide your business with the professional edge it deserves and will instil a sense of confidence and authenticity for employees who often need to present payslips as proof of earnings to financial institutions.

Sage Business Cloud Sage Business Cloud is all you’ll ever need to help your small or medium-sized business grow faster. Find us on youtube. Overview Overview Infoslips Payslips.


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Other benefits include pension, provident, training, leave and medical aid, but still all they get on a regular basis is a basic payslip that excludes the detail of these benefits. Together, Britehouse and InfoSlips cover most of the market, and a big part of the companies’ success is the ability to provide innovative solutions that are vertically focused.

We help companies replace their ‘flat’ documents with engaging, interactive, secure versions infos,ips on anything from a laptop to a smartphone.

Test drive mode is only for demonstration, it uses sample information and does not contain any of your own InfoSlips. At InfoSlips we have become very proficient in a range of industries, including Billing, HR, Insurance, Education, Stock Broking and use this knowledge to shortcut the design cycle and consult to our infoslipd on what works best and delivers results.

Despite this change, many employers infoslkps only provide employees with carbon-based payslips, which is not the ideal way to communicate an employee’s value to the company. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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Britehouse Group Britehouse is a portfolio infosllps leading business process automation companies offering application and data solutions through a range of business models and technologies to large and mid-sized African businesses.

Send to a friend. Recipient focused means delivering pertinent information, not just plain old data, to each employee on a regular basis.

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