is the home of the revised Ancient Greek Tutorials by Donald made in the second edition of Introduction to Attic Greek (University of California Press ) and to . The content of this site is the work of Donald J. Mastronarde. Donald J. Mastronarde. Introduction to Attic Greek. Berkeley: University of Cali- fornia Press, Pp. ix + ISBN The Classical Journal . Introduction to Attic Greek has 70 ratings and 8 reviews. Yinzadi said: This review is for is both a review and a few brief comments on how.

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So I would very much recommend that, from the very first verb Mastronarde give you as a vocabulary word, you flip to the back and memorize all six principal parts for that word, even if you have no idea how those forms are amstronarde yet.

A bare- knuckled approach to learning a language.

If, however, Greek words are cut off, or the Greek is displayed with a combination of different fonts or with a combination of characters and rectangles, then the user should install one of the free fonts recommended below. Among his many books are The Art of Euripides: I consider Mastronarde to be the best text for learning Greek. introsuction

Introduction to Attic Greek

The site is hosted by the University of California Press. I appreciate the thorough grammar based progression.

John Mansell rated it it was amazing Feb 16, Read more Read less. For a few comments about learning Latin, please see my review of Wheelock’s Latin, 6ewhich is here: It’s contents are the equivalent of 2. This book will be the death of me.


Write a customer review. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Indeed, enjoyment is a major factor effective learning. Introduction to Attic Greek. I would highly suggest memorizing the declensions in these units, one chart per set of declensions, rather than memorizing them individually.

It is linguistically very thorough, goes out of its way to explain clearly concepts that used to be understood by most people with a high school education this is no longer the caseand helps the student who puts forth the effort to make rapid progress in reading real Attic Greek.

Accentuation Practice presents interactive exercises to test and develop mastery of the accentuation system of ancient Attic Greek. Mastronarde’s text is challenging, but “do-ably” so, thorough without being overwhelming, and eminently rewarding the deeper one goes. Latin has five declensions. This is the first major flaw in my opinion of this text.

: Introduction to Attic Greek (): Donald J. Mastronarde: Books

Wade White rated it it was amazing Feb 15, Jul 30, Travis rated it really liked it. The typical order of introduction is Sophocles, then Euripides, then Aeschylus. There are some very nice anthologies of Greek literature designed for people who are just starting reading long passages of Greek, replete with vocabulary help and commentary.

Jan 22, Mikael rated it liked it Shelves: Pindar is probably the best choice for learning Doric Greek. The units gradually build up the student’s knowledge of declensions, tenses, and constructions by alternating emphasis on morphology and syntax. There are the nine lyric intriduction.


Erunion rated it really liked it Dec 21, However, this is not how Mastronarde does it. Introduction to Attic Greek. And vonald are the dialects. I thought this book would be the end of me. Alex Segall rated it it was amazing Dec 25, As a professional opera singer, the section on phonetics is dealing introdction familiar nomenclature as far as pronunciation of the phonemes is concerned.

Mapping the Linguistic Landscape of U. Yo This review is for Peter. There’s a lot of truly amazing stuff written in Greek. You might also find a reference for Greek culture and names desirable at this point.

Formation and Declension Unit Twenty-Seven.

Copyright The Regents of the University of California. Not to mention, Greek is a gorgeous language. Conditional Constructions Unit Thirty-Six.

In recent versions of Windows and Mac OS X, you can simply double-click on the font file to be offered the choice to install it. Looking for beautiful books? The only solution is to learn Greek and read them in their original. Beyond that, Greek is a tonal language, meaning the pitch at which the syllables of a word are pronounced affects the meaning of the word. There are about forms in the database.