Buy Jeppesen VFR Navigation Log Pad JS Aircraft Accessories – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Flight Plan and Weather Log on Reverse Side Block Out. Tel # & Aircraft Home Documents Similar To VFR Navigation Log Jeppesen. QDB 15 = IFR & VFR. Navaid. CAS. TC. TH. MH. Dist. GS. GPH. Ident. Est. Departure. Destination. Freq. Dir. Vel. Leg. Est. E T E E T A Fuel. Rem. Act. A T E A T A Rem.

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Our VFR aviation iPad app has been designed from the ground up by pilots, for pilots.

We focused on your mobile flying needs by simplifying your workflow within one intuitive tablet interface. Our app now also includes a matrix-driven color overlay weather.

From pre-flight through post-flight, you will be able to enjoy your VFR flying passion with greater ease and less work.


Do one thing and do it right. In fact, these apps often succeed only in providing an overwhelming amount of information frustratingly buried within screen after screen.

Complete a navigation log – Max Aero

With our app, finding information is quick and easy. For customers flying internationally, please locate a dealer to purchase coverages. Join the Jeppesen Community.

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Automatic Llog Warnings — Audio and visual alerts in case of potential airspace infringements. Graphical Weather Matrix — Provides graphical planning guidance by route, date and time.

Continuous Map — There is no switching between pre-composed charts – it’s one continuous workflow and the information you need, tailored for each phase of flight. Standardized Information Display — Provides more than European airfields through a common high-quality display format.


VFR Navigation Log (Jeppesen)

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