John Gerard: John Gerard, English herbalist, author of The Herball, or generall historie of plantes (). In Gerard went to London to become an. The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes (). John Gerarde. Publisher: John Norton Year: Town: London. Complete PDF-Version of this book. Trained as a Barber-surgeon, John Gerard () divided his time working as superintendent of the gardens of William Cecil, Lord Burghley ().

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The herball, or, Generall historie of plantes

Their Origin and Evolution by Agnes Arber. Little is known geradd his upbringing and education but it is known that he attended school in Willaston, close to Nantwich. Institute of Historical Research.

James and Master Huggens, keeper of jonn garden at Hampton Court. David Hoeniger, former director of gearrd Centre from — and — In addition, what should be page 33 is numbered 29, and so forth, so that all pages following the 33rd page are four numbers off. Gerard also changed how the plants were arranged, ordering them according to the Stirpium Adversaria Nova of Mathias Lobel de l’Obel, Latinized as Lobeliuswhose classification was based on the characteristic differences of leaf structure.

Jackson, Benjamin Daydon However, Gerard was then faced with the difficulty of matching them to the text and frequently mislabelled them. Nantwich, town parishCheshire East unitary authority, historic county of Cheshire, northwestern England. Gerard published several texts on herbals, including the Gegard arborum, fruticum, ac plantarum tam indigenarumwhich is said to be the first print catalogue of all the plants in a single garden, but he is best known for The Herballherballl published in Robert Priest, a member of the London College of Physicians, was commissioned to translate Rembert Dodoens’ collected works Stirpium Historiae Pemptades Sex into English, but he died before the book was published.


Gentian was named in honor of King Gentius of Illyria B.

Today it contains more than …. The root of the mandrake has a peculiar shape, sometimes resembling human legs or arms, or even a complete body. The Jewel house of art and nature: Wikimedia Commons has media related to John Gerard.

The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes (1597)

Although Francis Bacon advocated inductive thinking based on observation or description empiricism as the way to understand and report on the natural world, the early Renaissance printed herbals were slightly modified adaptations of the works of their medieval predecessors. He was the author of a 1,pages illustrated Herball, or Generall Historie of Plantesfirst published in Published inhis celebrated Herball, containing more than 1, species, became the first plant catalog.

Randall McLeod for consultation. Gerard was born at NantwichCheshire, towards the end ofreceiving his only schooling at nearby Willastonabout two miles away.

Illustrations from the Herball How, Anglo in Latin. Several of the leaves of plants featured in the book are pressed in this copy, including between pages and and and The woodblocks were shipped from Antwerp to London for the purpose.

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The town dates from Roman times, when its salt deposits were important. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While he was studying he developed the tenement garden in Holbornthat he refers to frequently yerard his work, and later published a catalogue of the plants there.

John GerardbornNantwichCheshire, Eng. Fox-glove boiled in water or wine, and drunken, doth cut and consume the thick toughnesse of grosse and slimie flegme and naughty humours; it openeth also the stopping of the liver, spleene, and milt, and of other inward parts. Mixed with barley meal, rose oil, and vinegar, basil juice was also used as an anti-inflammatory and as an antidote for snakebites.

Berard to legend, Sir Walter Raleigh ate the poisonous berries of the potato plant, not knowing that the edible part was underground the potato is of the same genus as the Deadly Nightshade.


Gerard had a successful career with the Geerard Company.

John Gerard – Wikipedia

For other uses, see John Gerard disambiguation. In Gerard went to London to become an apprentice to a barber-surgeon and, after seven years, was granted permission to establish hedball own practice.

Agnes Arber recounts a story of a man born in that gefard his childhood there was a woman who used the Herball for treating the ailments of her neighbours.

Ali was the first fighter to win the world…. The earliest printed works in Renaissance natural history fell into two categories: Gerard highly recommended aloe juice as a purgative and vermifuge: The Science of Describing: Thank you for your feedback.

Journal of the Society herbzll the Bibliography of Natural History. The shaping of Cambridge botany: Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. The following year, he received the picture itself.

To this day Yucca bears the name Gerard gave it. Retrieved 3 November When Gerard discovered L’Obel’s thankless efforts, he had him dismissed. Gerard was one of the most respected plant experts of his time, but, strangely, he was not the primary author of the famous herbal that bears his name.

John Gerard – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

There was a problem with your submission. To dig up the mandrake and hear its cries meant certain death, so ancient herbalists instructed people to tie a dog to the mandrake and force the animal to pull it up, thereby killing the dog but saving themselves. Gerard is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name.