Posted by Angelstoyou, 08/15/ 1 SELF ACTUALIZATION. Freedom from the “Victim/Victimizer Blame-Game” and willingness to be. Cosmic Map as Seen by Advanced ETs and The Origin of Kabala – Kathara Grids or Tree of Life – these are the original energy grids of creation – Fallen Angels. Dec 15, Explore Crystal Benson’s board “Keylontic Science Research” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Spirituality, Knowledge and Sacred geometry.

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Descendants of these children spread throughout the various regions, some appearing within the French Aristocracies, others within the Celtic, Egyptian and African genetic lines. Without a clear understanding of the tools of creation, the process of creation appears arbitrary and unpredictable.

A visitor to this web site wrote: Whole Health is a Spectrum of Spirit In a greater sense, Jesheua became the savior for the races, for through his birth the Halls of Amenti could once again be opened.

A belief that salvation is achieved through relational and experiential knowledge. Doing much better now. Expecting anyone else to do this for us will be truly counter-productive, rendering us more vulnerable to control, manipulation and ultimately to the fear which is born of powerlessness. The teachings of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order MCEO represent translations of pre-ancient Sacred Science texts that belonged to advanced human races who resided on earth prior to our currently identified historical records.

There are things happening in this 15th dimensional system that have been things done by our guardian races to keep these chaotic things from happening.

Be more afraid of the false gateways above they seek to portray the real gateways above. Understanding these components is, initially, like exploring the grammar and vocabulary of a foreign language.

Keylontic Science Basics | healing | Pinterest | Science, Sacred geometry and Healing

We can now bring through these frequencies for the first time sinceB. They were bipedial dolphins with feet and hands they could go on land or water and they were density two race semi etheric.


This was a place that was supposed to be based on freedom and co-evolution.

That was scirnce Toth decided to lead his people into Metatronic. So, they decided to become masters of the Universe themselves. The original sin was when the entire time matrix almost implodded down into a black hole thanks to what the Elohim had done.

For example, activation of the third DNA strand, which corresponds keylontif the mental body our level of consciousness stationed in Dimension 3 or D3will increase the capacity to rationalize, comprehend and formulate ideas. As with fitness routines or learning to play a musical instrument, an hour a day is more effective than seven hours on Sundays.

Kategoria: Keylontic Science

Pleidian Nibiru Annunaki are the Luciferion. That created distortions in consciousness and they started waring with founder races.

The Halls of Amenti have been a closely guarded secret since the time of your inception on Tara, millions years ago.

They are an elegantly simple, yet intricate, system whereby Source steps into manifestation, a system described as Stair Step Creation. No creature or thing can be ever divorced from its innate spirituality, but only from the awareness of its nature. That’s where UFOs are coming from, below. Elohim Braharama and Seraphim are the three creation gods of this matrix. Our entire history has been about wars and wars over land.

Who remembers them though? HD in the house That’s the latest keylontkc my world. It is necessary to get a lot of awakened ascended masters on this planet for There is a huge connection between metatronic science and what became the Greek Olympian Gods and Roman gods. The Adam Kadmon race was created to take over the planet. The Luciferian was an upgrade of the Nibiruan Anu Pledian. In the guardian races tried very hard to get the Annunaki to co-operate. There is the history of the Levithian Racesthe history of the fall of Atlantis.


Today the official sckence community has about 20 million adepts, though due to local syncretism, it is accepted and somehow practiced by three times as many across the country.

The Falcon I remember being just above the earth an the M falcon helped me pass through the war zone an the blue sheild forcefield.

Our time now so live in the moment. When the battle in the skies begins its time to head for scuence hills. There are ways that we can consciously interact with our DNA strands in order to clear blockages and realign distortions, thereby reawakening our true potential as conscious co-creators and as ketlontic of our hologram or arena of manifestation.

Keylontic Science – The Language of Creation. | Truth Control

The truth is written in stone and that’s why the truth can hurt people that are not strong enough to handle the truth. According to the Spiritist doctrine, reincarnation explains the moral and intellectual differences among men. There’s been a HD sighting, more rare than alien abductions!

The land that was fought over contained star gates on this planet and portals that go with them. The timeline is the BIG question and I would suggest to all that they get on with it and live their lives. Not all aliens are bad just like not all humans are bad, there are still good people in this world.

In spiritual terms, what is really significant is whether this activation occurs within a Christos Law of ONE or anti-Christos control and wcience orientation. That is what they did with Crystalline technology. There have been those who have forced themselves onto this planet in order to try and take the codes.

Giovani felt responsible because they created fallen annu elohim.