Get this guide started! Think you’re an expert in Perry Rhodan: Operation Eastside? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into. Perry Rhodan: The Immortals of Terra which I had to do on numerous occasions, which is also useful if you have to turn to a walkthrough to get you through. Walkthroughs for The Immortals of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure – Adventure Game.

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To distract the guards at the messy terrace, activate-select the cleaning robots to go to the terrace. Show Ara’s personnel ID to the Blue.

But the guard stops Perry from accessing it. He says that there are limited access to the display of the Myth perty Illochim, the Arkonide name is Yillod Zhymii. Talk to the soldier who is standing in front of the odor bar.

Rhodan: Myth of the Illochim walkthrough

Perry has been cleared and back as Regent. See the head Illochim with an impression similar to the Supran crystal on its head.

Click the eye implants on the base of the structure. Show him the maintenance terminal too. But with any inventory based game, if you don’t find the necessary item you can be stuck for quite a while. Use the tool on the panel.


Perry Rhodan: The Immortals of Terra Review by

Talk to the barkeeper. Click cancel button to pull back out. Use the tool on the seat belt. Go to bottom level.

Listen to the 2 other bar patrons talk about a sick hunter and Mad Hamilton. Be at the drill control center. Use the crowbar on the mechanism. Take the exit across right the bar. In your inventory combine the frequency spectorscope with the voice simulator. Go to the positronic right of the escalator. Look at the containers okmplettlsung realize that they contained weapons. Use the forward arrow 3 times. Climb up the ladder to the right. Go right and see Mondra’s glider. Examine the dead body of Aimo Mantel to get a data crystal.

Walkthrough Part 16 for The Immortals Of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure

Talk three times to one of the strapped Blues patients. Mondra ‘s icon is added to inventory. Because you have no power yet, leave the levers alone for now. Go down to the clinic. If you like you can talk to the other creatures in the bar.

Jamondi’s Stellar Ocean – Asteroid Betha. At this moment the soldier returns for business.

Be sure not to miss the two holograms that komlpettlsung you to hurry!!! Use your positronic key on the first from left hole above the sinks.


Show her the jelly-like lichen. See the control station is live. Exit the room through the door to the left. Try to step on the transmitter.

Enter through the hatch and the door shuts close. He wants the Blue doll.

Use the head of the combat robot on Kari. Rhpdan uses thermo glasses to check the organic plating of the structure. Pick up the small diagram or plan of something from the floor. To fix the holoprojectors he needs rhodxn time. Use the terminal at the left wall. She changes Lazlo’s ID to a member of Daellian’s scientist staff. Escape the Komplettlusng Residence: See the Ara back in his quarters reporting to an unknown man about the head; tells him about the scanned Supran and learn that the location of the key is taken from Mondra.

This would drain the water at the water tower 2 where the glider is located. Ask about Lower Level, Quotter Batt and then eyes. Move yellow-red tile to top right.