Looks like the original lally columns and footings settled a bit over time. Well, looks like Placing 2×20 Form into Hole For Lally Column Footer. The columns shall be restrained to prevent lateral displacement at the bottom end. Wood columns shall not be less in nominal size than 4 inches by 4 inches. A Footing (Footer) is the bottom most structural member of the Footer size is determined by the width of the Foundation .. Lally Column Footers. ▫ Since Lally.

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Thread these screws down until you feel them hit the footing. There was room and how else is a new homeowner fooger to get experience? After all the concrete in the footings was cured properly, I went to a local lumberyard, purchased three lally columns and had them cut to my measurements. You really need to do this a lot, it keeps shifting.

I dug it about one and a half feet deep. Align the beam and adjustment plates so they are square. I smoothed it out real nice. I mounted the laser light on one side of the girder beam and ran it down the entire length…AH HA!

The form took a total of 7 bags. The cement calls for a cure time of 7 days for a psi compressive strength and a 28 day cure time for the full psi compressive strength. We used a grinder with a metal-cutting blade to cut the old columns.

Believe it or not, this wall is perfectly level in every direction. Well, I went there and sure enough he had taken to much dirt out in one spot and water had begun to come into his basement along with a section of his wall that lay in a rubble. The adjustment plate mounts to the bottom end of the column, with countersunk holes facing outward. Luckily I had the opportunity to install the Lally Lock System in my own home a few years back. I wet the top every day for 7 days. BTW, thanks for your post.


A continuous load path shall be designed to transmit the uplift forces from the rafter or truss ties to the foundation. The columns are made in 3-in. The bearing plate is fastened to the floor with concrete screws. That is how crooked the floor was. A few solid raps with a sledgehammer were all I needed to break the column.

I believe they were 80lb bags.

Lally Lock Structural Column Offers Code Compliance and Adjustability

I also made sure the form was perfectly level. I actually called the building department and they told me that this did not need to be inspected since I was adding in between the existing footings, and they met compliance back when the house was built.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I appreciate the detail in your descriptions and the great pictures so that I know exactly what to do. Beams, girders or other concentrated loads supported by a wall or column shall have a bearing of at least 3 inches 76 mm in length measured parallel to the beam upon solid masonry not less than 4 inches mm in thickness, or upon a metal bearing plate of adequate design and dimensions to distribute the load safely, or upon a continuous reinforced masonry member projecting not less than 4 inches mm from the face of the wall.


Let that sucker lallh to settle.

Lally Column Footing Depth – Ask the Builder

With the screws in place, the cap plate is then removed and mounted to the fastening unit on the Lally Lock column. The following photo is of the final completed colu,n. When you say you used 7 bags to make that footing, how much was that? If you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, why not sign up to receive my posts by email?

Lally Column, Basement Pole Columns – Lally Lock Column Systems by Dean Column Co.

The fastening unit is made from a 6-in. I went to Home Depot and bought one of those laser line tools.

The top of the old columns were installed with nails that were pried loose for removal of the column. Lallly Newsletter Signup Enter e-mail address to subscribe and get latest updates and info. Galvanized columns are also available. So that, along with two settled lally column footings, gave me a sense of urgency.

If you are installing the Lally Lock columns for new construction, the 4-in. Stay current on the building codes!