Recently, I discovered his books–some very technical Tantra; some down-to- earth wisdom. Lama Yeshe’s same gift was present in both modes. Although, my . Introduction to Tantra: The Transformation of Desire eBook: Lama Yeshe, Philip Glass, Jonathan Landaw, Jonathan Landaw: : Kindle Store. Introduction to Tantra has ratings and 31 reviews. Polly said: I’ve been reading a lot of Lama Yeshe lately; currently he’s my favorite guru. He is f.

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I’m also reading several of his more obscure books, which I’m getting a lot out of but I would be hesitant to recommend them to anyone else I know, unless they were as obsessed wit I’ve been reading a lot of Lama Yeshe lately; go he’s my favorite guru. It seems to be saying that yes, there is one ultimate purpose in life – to achieve the highest levels of accomplishment in tantra and achieve enlightenment. Literally, bodhi means ‘enlightenment’ and citta, ‘mind’. How should it be practiced?

In the buddhist tantric tradition the source of this inspiration is the guru lama in Tibetan: Apr 12, Nick rated it it was amazing. To see what your friends thought of this book, introdcution sign up. Such enlightened beings have achieved a state in which there is no separation or distinction between high and low; there is only the complete equality of the enlightened experience. The former refers to that introcuction of boddhicitta defined above, whereas the latter refers to the discriminative awareness prajna of directly realising emptiness which is jntroduction by the altruistic motivation of boddhicitta.

Oct 06, Maleka rated it it was amazing. Apparently it’s a good overview of what tantra is all about. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. The book explains the benefits of being aware of desire tantar attachment in terms of relating day to day with anyone.


Deity-yoga is envisioning ones Tantra is about taking the energy of everyday desires, channeling it through our ‘fundamentally pure minds,’ and walking ‘the middle way’ of life through ‘experience and not blind faith.

And, if you yeahe not feel comfortable manifesting in this way, you can always relate your meditation to your own culture and manifest your inner being as Jesus, Saint Francis, Kwan Yin or any other holy being. Aug 05, Kyle Hipke rated it it was ok. Ultimately, Lama Yeshe actually states ‘We won’t get anywhere if we try to learn from a book, hoping to figure things out ourselves,’ and that ‘guru-yoga is the root of the tantric path.

This introduction recognizes and explains how to channel the powerful energies aroused by human desires, and how to transform lives with them.

I really enjoyed reading about tantric meditation. What is the purpose of all these practices?

lxma Books by Lama Thubten Yeshe. Mar 16, Ariele rated it liked it. Would not recommend unless you have to read it for a class or something.

The bad news is that the first step is to stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on alleviating the suffering of others. The last few chapters such as “Entering Highest Tantric Practice” and sections on deity yoga and the process of dying and were particularly inspirational.

Introduction to Tantra: Lama Yeshe

Jul 17, Diamond rated it it was ok Shelves: This selfless dedication to others is the true meaning of bodhicitta and that is why bodhicitta is not only the major prerequisite of tantra, it is also the most important fruit of this practice. At that stage an individual becomes a boddhisattva.

But it’s clear from reading this lucid, well-argued app This book is not about what you probably think it’s about. I don’t buy that. This attachment can prove unfulfilling and empty since we may have incorrect views of the self and others, viewing them as separate entities and disconnected with lxma. Trivia About Introduction to T Product details Format Paperback pages Inyroduction x x And the root of the tantric path is unifying oneself with this source of inspiration through the practice of guru-yoga.


As a prerequisite for the successful practice of tantra, the development of bodhicitta is absolutely necessary It has been said by all masters that to be properly qualified to practise tantra, we must possess a very strong bodhicitta motivation. Lama Yeshe is one of the clearest and most generous of buddhist authors and I cannot be more grateful to read his books. Also, no, this has virtually nothing to say about sex. yesge

Introduction to Tantra : The Transformation of Desire

Enjoyed it for its clarity. I definitely feel that I now have a better understanding of Tibetan Buddhism, and have picked up a few useful concepts and a really general patchy outline of what’s going on in tantric practices, but really would have preferred a deeper text, in fact the whole second half of the book just seemed a bit rushed.

I gave this a 3, but really, parts of it were a 5 containing some of the best passages I have ever read on Tantra while other parts a 1 containing easily refuted logic and divisive views of human nature. What we have to understand is that Avalokiteshvara and Jesus, for example, are exactly the same; the essential nature of each is complete selfless devotion in the service of others.

But sometimes if you can be aware of how an attachment to something actually takes away from the enjoyment of it, for example habitually eating something sweet when it’s not needed and watching the comedown from that half an hour later, it can be amazing. As the title of the book says, it is a good introduction to tantra.