Dominici Gregis and the decree Lamentabili Sane Exitu of the Curia’s Holy Office. In order to ensure enforcement, the priest-scholar Umberto Benigni organized. Lamentabili Sane. 1K likes. With truly lamentable results, our age, casting aside all restraint in its search for the ultimate causes of things. PASCENDI DOMINICI GREGIS. ENCYCLICAL OF POPE PIUS X ON THE DOCTRINES OF THE MODERNISTS. To the Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops.

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But the life of Christ is according to faith, and lamentabiil, too, is the life of Christians. Two causes may be assigned for this: Inspiration, they reply, is distinguished only by its vehemence from that impulse which stimulates the believer to reveal the faith that is in him by words or writing.

Thus the way is open to the intrinsic evolution of dogma. This volume essentially picks up the story of Vatican resistance and censure of Roman Catholic modernism where the previous one edited by Claus Arnold and Giacomo Losito, La censure d’Alfred Loisyvol.

In reality, however, he is only a distinguished witness of the Christian life, or of the life of Christ in the Church at the close of the first century. We believe, then, that We have set forth with sufficient clearness the historical method of the Modernists. The dogmas of the Faith are to be held only according to their practical sense; that is to say, as preceptive norms of conduct and not as norms of believing.

Lamentabili Sane Exitu

With regard to profane studies suffice it to recall here what Our Predecessor has admirably said: The young, excited and confused by all this glamour of praise and abuse, some of them afraid of being branded as ignorant, others ambitious to be considered learned, and both classes goaded internally by la,entabili and pride, often surrender and give themselves up to Modernism.

Part of a series on. Yet the Vatican Council has defined, “If anyone says that the one true God, our Creator and Lord, cannot be known with certainty by the natural light of human sanr by means of the things that are made, let lamentabbili be anathema” De Revel. We therefore, Venerable Brethren, have determined to adopt at once the most efficacious measures in Our power, and We beg and conjure you to see to it that in this most grave matter nobody will ever be able to say that you have been in the slightest degree wanting in vigilance, zeal or firmness.


We are all aware that Humani Generis gives some leeway for Catholics to entertain the possibility that the human body alone may have evolved from preexisting matter. The Modernists lamwntabili the same judgment on the most holy Fathers of the Pamentabili as they pass on tradition; decreeing, with amazing effrontery that, while personally most worthy of all veneration, they were entirely ignorant of history and criticism, for which they are only excusable on account of the time in which they lived.

In other words, it is necessary that the primitive formula be accepted and sanctioned by the heart; and similarly the subsequent work from which spring the secondary formulas must proceed under the guidance of the heart. There has never been a time when this watchfulness of the supreme pastor was not necessary to the Catholic body; for, owing to the efforts of the enemy of the human race, there have never been lacking “men speaking perverse things” Acts xx.

Pascendi Dominici Gregis (September 8, ) | PIUS X

First of all they lay down the general principle that in a living religion everything is subject to change, and must change, and in this way they pass to what may be said to be, among the chief of their doctrines, that of Evolution.

The exegete who constructs premises from which it follows that dogmas are historically false or doubtful is not to be reproved as long as he does not directly deny the dogmas themselves. It is impossible to reconcile the natural sense of the Gospel texts oamentabili the sense taught by our theologians concerning the conscience and the infallible knowledge of Jesus Christ.

While He was exercising His ministry, Jesus did not speak with the object of teaching He was the Messias, nor did His miracles tend to prove it. But far more advanced and far more pernicious are their teachings on doctrinal and dogmatic authority. In this respect some might be disposed to consider them as more orthodox than certain lamentaili moderns who lamentabkli restrict inspiration, as, for instance, in what have been put forward as tacit citations.


Lamentabili Sane Exitu | papal decree |

Such are their ideas about lameentabili authority. How far off we are here from Catholic teaching we have already seen in the decree of the Vatican Council. The sperm simply fertilizes the egg, which then starts dividing, using materials from the mother’s body.

The Church and the Sacraments, they say, are not to be regarded as having been instituted by Christ Himself.

Reform of philosophy, especially in the seminaries: And as history receives its conclusions, ready-made, from philosophy, so too criticism takes its own from history. While they make a show of bowing their heads, their hands and minds are more intent than ever on carrying out their purposes.

Ecclesiastical government requires to be reformed in all its branches, but especially in its disciplinary and dogmatic parts. The opinions concerning the origin of the Sacraments, which the Fathers of Trent held and which certainly lamentabilu their dogmatic canons, are very different from those that now rightly exist among historians who examine Christianity.

And here We cannot but deplore once more, and grievously, that there are Catholics who, while rejecting immanence as a doctrine, employ it as a method of apologetics, and who do this so imprudently that they seem to admit that there is in human nature a true and rigorous necessity with regard to the supernatural order – and not merely a capacity and a suitability for the supernatural, order – and not merely a capacity and a suitability for the supernatural, such as has at all times been emphasized by Catholic apologists.

Hence anybody who embraces it and employs it, makes profession thereby of the errors contained in it, and places himself in opposition to Catholic faith. John claims for himself the quality of witness concerning Christ. Whether you call it Evolution, Chemical Evolution, Inteligent Design, Creationism, Men hatching from eggs, or whatever, none of that matters.

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