In this evocative study of the fall of the Mughal Empire and the beginning of the Raj, award-winning historian William Dalrymple uses previously undiscovered. By: William Dalrymple Media of The Last Mughal This Mughal is Bahadur Shah Zafar II, one of the most tolerant and likeable of his remarkable dynasty who. Buy The Last Mughal: The Fall of Delhi, by William Dalrymple (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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On top of that, he has splendidly conveyed the sheer joy of researching a piece of history, something every true historian knows, telling of his elation at discovering in Burma’s national archives all Zafar’s prison records, stored in Acrobat PDF files – “something the British Library has so far failed to achieve”.

This, he believed, should take place on the death of Zafar—an event which could not now be far away: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The Last Mughal

Inside, it was the same story. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat There was savagery on all sides inwhile at home Lord Palmerston wanted to see Delhi deleted from the map in reprisal for what had happened there. The other based in Deoband which was a fundamentalist movement that wanted to go back to the quran without all the Indic and other influences that they saw as corrupting Islam.

Zafar the ditherer

First their was loss of ambition, then came lats luxury of riches, praise and excesses of women. Arun Divakar Even in a draft version, this is a good review! Fluid, Concise and Real. The British were imperceptibly taking over all the powers of the emperor in a humiliating way.

He worked on these documents in association with the Urdu scholar Mahmood Farooqui. The book also makes a point to showcase the relationship between religious communities before the event, and as the author reinforces many a time, Zafar deserves quite some credit in understanding the fabric that held his city together and maintaining the harmony there.


Aged 82 and abidingly fond of the arts of peace, Bahadur Shah Zafar was chosen as a mascot by an army seen as rebels and mutineers by the British, and as freedom fighters by some nationalist historians. He’s usually good at defining the Urdu words in context and the Kindle dictionary or his glossary cover most of the rest but the use of Indian terms plus the Victorian mughql from many of the accounts make this a bit of a chore to read sometimes.

The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple | : Books

Mar 27, Pages. That there’s a wealth of historical information to be derived out of this book is a given, but truly astonishing is also Dalrymple’s ability to weave in so many cobwebs of events and characters with such clarity. Lists wi,liam This Book. Suddenly I found this book and after reading the first page of the introduction chapter I instantaneously became fascinated to buy it. It is the Deobandi Islamic ideology that would go on to inspire the militant groups like Taliban.

But in the years to come, as Dakrymple prestige and learning sank, and Hindu confidence, wealth, education and power increased, Hindus and Muslims would grow gradually dalrymole, as British policies of divide and rule found willing collaborators among the chauvinists of both faiths.

History written by Britons has not been kind to Bahadur Shah II, even though he was the last of the Mughal emperors of India, a descendant of both Genghis Khan and Timur the Great Marlowe’s Tamburlaineamong others who are much better remembered.

As the British Commissioner in charge insisted, ‘No vestige should remain to distinguish where the last of the Great Moghuls rests.

In fact as mentioned in the book, the only thing Zafar was decisive about in those trying times was his “refusal to alienate his Hindu subjects by subscribing to the demands of the jihadis. What was never discussed daltymple whether the Company was legally empowered to try Zafar at all.


Review: The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple | Books | The Guardian

Start reading The Last Mughal on your Kindle in under a minute. Wiliam wanted insight into complicated Muslim, Sufi, Hindu, Christian relations and got exactly what I was looking for. He was himself a notable poet and calligrapher; his court contained some of the most talented artistic and literary figures in modern South Asian history; and the Delhi he presided over was undergoing one of its great periods of learning, self-confidence, communal amity and prosperity.

For nearly years the Mughals ruled India in addition to what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh wiloiam by the s their rule was in a terminal decline. Seldom have I read a book so intriguing.

The worst charge that could be laid against Zafar, in fact, was his indecisiveness, which plagued him in his domestic life as well as in the more hazardous area of interracial politics. Quotes from The Last Mughal: But it is clear this Emperor did not cause the uprising.

Begums Thugs and White Mughals. But then I saw from the cover that I have lived with this book for months. See all reviews. The venom of one provides the lifeblood of the other. Another branches off to establish a madrasa devoted to an orthodox Islam, stripped of any Western or Indian influences.

But now William Dalrymple has magnificently rescued him from near anonymity, and in doing so has greatly increased our understanding of what went on in the old Mughal capital at the time of the Indian mutiny.